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The Grand Astoria Interview


Thanks for agreeing to this interview guys from The Grand Astoria. When did you start the band?

No problem brother.Thank you for the interest!I started The Grand Astoria in April 2009.Two years ago.Nothing to add actually.

Were you in any other bands?

Yes. My previous band which played alternative/punk rock decided to split up and I quickly gathered some friends o'mine and a new band was born.

What can you tell me about your influences?

If you mean biggest influence is Iron Maiden!The band of my youth that will stay in my heart forever!I can also mention King Crimson,Hendrix,Zep,Sabbath...all classic prog,space,psychedelic,hard rock and heavy metal stuff from 60-70-80s...Yes,Genesis,PFM,Ash Ra Tempel,Can,Pink Floyd,Hawkwind,Megadeth,Slayer,Death...lots of punk,grunge,garage,alternative rock from 90s also..MC5,The Sonics,Mudhoney,Nirvana,Sonic Youth,Husker Du,Clutch,The Melvins,Deftones,Fu Manchu,Nebula,QOTSA,The Mars Volta..loads of experimental music like Frank Zappa,Gong,Soft Machine,Acid Mothers Temple etc.Some metal from 2000-s...Mastodon,High On Fire,Kylesa,Baroness etc....The World of music is so huge and I have favourite bands in each l genre I think!

Your first release is called The Grand Astoria. What can you say about it?

It's cool!Buy it immediately!!!hahaha.No jokes!We need your support!We are only in it for the money hahah!It's very hard to describe the music,you know?But if you ask me to try I can tell that here you find the mix of raw psychedelic rock,stoner,little bit of prog,punk and metal..oh,I don't like to describe it.You better listen!

Then you released II in 2010. How do you see the difference between the first and the second album?

Psychedelic,atmospheric,experimental,almost instrumental..Take a deep breath,have a good joint and let's take a trip!This record caused some misunderstandings between our listeners,cos the difference between "I" and "II" is big!BUT it's just one of our faces.You have to accept that The Grand Astoria can release albums that have very little in common but it's still The Grand Astoria!!!Our mood at that period was like that,so we have what we have,hahah

Your latest release is called Omnipresence. Please present us the new album!

Another mix of genres and styles!This time much heavier but also with atmospheric vibes.All songs have one idea,it's not a concept record actually but the theme of faith,the choice between good and evil,God and Devil is the main thesis of this album.

You were on tour not so long ago. I know you visited some places here in Slovenia, but sadly I couldn't come. How was it? How do you like the atmosphere in my country?

Excellent!I am definitely in love with Slovenia!I like nature and good people in your country.Thanx to everyone who whelped us!We will be back to Ljubljana at 3 of September!Don't miss!Check the tourdates from time to time at our myspace

What are some future plans for the band?

We will release 7 inch vinyl in July.It will contain two absolutely new instrumental bloody hurricane killer tracks!I am also working hard on a next album,it will be released during the spring next year,I think.It will be a concept record based on the real story of five famous people.I will announce the details as soon as I finish writing the lyrics.We will be touring for two months across Europe.From July 15 till the middle of September! 62 days on the road!!!Please check the dates:
It's not a full list,many shows will be added soon!

Do you have anything else to add about yourself?

Support underground!Order our CDs and T-shirts writing to
Thanx for the interview and take care!


Interview made by Klemen Breznikar / 2011
© Copyright 2011

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FaceThe King said...

7 inch vinyl? Sounds good to me!! Good respect a band like this with influences of some of the best 90s bands to date.