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Aqua Nebula Oscillator interview with David Os


Aqua Nebula Oscillator is in my opinion one of the best psychedelic bands! I would like to thank you for agreeing to this interview. You are a huge fan of late 60's and early 70's psychedelic music. Since I have site about this kind of music, I would like to ask you what are some of the more obscure rare albums from that period you love the most?

To tell you the truth, since 5 years the only band I listen is Aqua Nebula Oscillator ahahaahha, I think many musicians are like that, first they follow an initiation of the sound by listening, then they assimilates the sound, then they create the sound, so no need anymore to listen music cause the music is in your mind all the time!

But my favorite bands are not so obscure, Sam Gopal, Group 1850, Screaming Jay Hawkins, Pink Floyd (with Syd Barrett), the Beatles, Arzachel, Hawkwind, Suck, Guru Guru,13th floor Elevators, White Noise, MC5, the Deviants, Silver Apple!!! This are the bands who completly blew my mind and change my life!!!

Were you in other bands before forming Aqua Nebula Oscillator?

Yes I was in bands before, but we didn't care about doing gigs or records cause our passion was to enter into the void, take a trip and play music in spiral for spirits and gosth like many proper psychedelic musicians did before us!!!! Again like an initiation before the conquest of the real (not real?) world!!!!

Aqua Nebula Oscillator is for me a come back to a kind of reality!!! But don't worry we are still psychedelic !!!!

When and how was actually Aqua Nebula Oscillator born?

I began this band in 1999, and had many formation until now!!! But a particularity of this band its that in any of the formations, it was always form as a family brothers really tight,almost like a sect !!! Thats why we are so underground and that not many people know about us!!! As I say, Its not a kind of music its a way of living!!!

The really first formation before any recording was a bunch of people performing in London Squatt for hours, with painted faces on LSD, I just put a name on it and that's it, it was the beginning!!!

People had to cut the electricity to make us stop playing, ahahahhaha

Why the name Aqua Nebula Oscillator?

Cause i have decide it ahhahahahaha!!!!

We came from the stars to invade the fake world with our idea of reality which could be quiet unreal for certain !!! But not for us!!!

That's why I have chosen this name!!!

I'm not born to make money or business or recreate the past, even if I love and I live only for psychedelic!!!

I just want to carry on this message, of "turn on tune in and fuck of"!!!

Since any humans are born, some people and the society try to squeeze their brains, put them in little boxes and I just want to say NO!!!STOP this shit, we are there, free, alive, stable and we have our proper idea of reality, and FUCK YOU, we are hard meat and we don't gonna shut up until death and even after ahahahahahha!!!

And I want many people to think like that!!!! That why I'm making music, to give a freedom message even if I'm late from 30years ago ahahaha but anyway even 30 years ago it fell, so lets try again!!!

What do you remember from first sessions you had as Aqua Nebula?

2 pieces of paper with a purple eye on it,a bottle of whiskey and 2 nice girls running in the wood !!!!

In 2008 you released your first album called Aqua Nebula Oscillator on Pan European Records. I would like to know how it was recorded?

I have told you, with 2 pieces of paper with a purple eye on it,a bottle of whiskey and 2 nice girls running in the wood ahhahaha !!!!

You released another album called Under the Moon of Aqua Nebula Oscillator in 2008 also on Pan European Records. What can you tell me about your second release? What is the difference between the first and the second? Which you like more?

mmm, the second album it was only one girl screaming in my cave!!!! And a big orange cat ahaahhaha

and not the same members so, it change a lot!!!!

To me I like both, different people, different vibes, but the better one is always the next one so, the one I prefer is the third one which is not out yet!!!

Different formation again, and to me the best one!!!! Proper dark hard psychodelia!!! I love it!!!! In this formation the people just want to play and have a good time, they are real musician,they don't care about any business, they just want to enjoy and to make a good band its really important to be pure like a young baby playing with his toys!!! To do things with passion and recklessness!!!!

purity =good music

In 2010 you released EP called Excavation on Assommer Records. You also released compilation called Caves Recordings 1998-2004. What can you tell me about this compilation and what about EP?

I love those albums, cause the "cave recording" was made when we was really the purest in mind with no music business at all, playing in the wood, and the "excavation", is a recording of one of the first practices of the second formation, so again we was still pure, aggressive and raw!!!

Share an interesting experience you had from concerts...

To me each concert is an  experience, and I don't have a lot of memory so the best experience gonna be the next one!!!!!

What is your opinion about psychedelic/hard rock scene these days?

In all my life I have never so any proper psychedelic band, like when you watch the film of the Pink Floyd with Syd Barrett!!

This is proper psychedelic band!!!

I've only saw, rock bands, pop bands, hard rock bands  !!!

All the band who pretend to be psychedelic those days are not, I'm sorry to say that, but i know about the felling to be and play on "psychedelics"cause I did it a thousand time and when you play on psychedelics, the sound is raw ,wild,chaotic and harmonious and you cant even play songs!!!

But the best live gigs I ever saw in my life was Aluk Todolo, the Love with Arthur Lee and Guru Guru last year, they blew my mind !!!

I know you have some future plans for the band. What are some?

Going to Spain for a small tour, then to the really nice festival called Dunajam in Sardinia, then Finland (Ilmio festival), then a tour of east Europe organized by you ahahah, and also in a month time we'll put out a 2 titles (Dead Soul, Lucifer) and a proper album in about 6 months time with pan European and hopefully a worldwide license for our music!!!!

Thank you very much for your time and effort. Do you have anything else to say about the band or yourself, that I didn't ask?

Keep always your freedom in mind, don't care about what the people say, do what you want, be real as you can and don't forget that we are wild animals!!!!  BE AWARE AND ALIVE 

Interview made by Klemen Breznikar / 2011
© Copyright 2011


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Nice and interesting interview Klem ;)

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Thanks Mara. I'm glad you like it :))