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The Asteroid No.4 - “Collide” (2018) review

The Asteroid No.4 - Collide (13 O’Clock Records, 2018)

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been riding with Asteroid #4 for two decades now, with their new album Collide celebrating those mystic years when they first washed my Philadelphia nights with their hypnotic watercolored jangling guitar driven emancipations, then up and moved themselves to California, the land of warmth and sunshine, where here with a limited edition gatefold on clear vinyl they’ve delivered an enticing postcard, suggesting that they are very happy with their tall glasses of fresh orange juice and girls in summer dresses all year long.

Albert Mayr

“Like African drummers on whiskey”

Vienna based artist Albert Mayr made single sided LP which contains the recording of dripping water, called ‘Drop Studies’.

Mouvements - “Mouvements” (1976/2018 reissue) review

Mouvements - Mouvements (Guerssen Records, 1976/2018 reissue) 

This is the first ever reissue of a very strange and bizarre album from Switzerland. It was originally released in 1973 as a box set and sold in art galleries. Only 150 were pressed. Material was recorded by a group of jazz and avant garde musicians in 1972, including Christian Oestreicher, Jean-François Boillat, Blaise Catalá and Jerry Chardonnens.

Half Human - “Panorama” premiere

Brooklyn post-punk group Half Human are releasing their first full-length record Positive Image through label and press Specious Arts. The LP follows their debut 7” record. On Positive Image the band moves the focus more towards vocals while still following its path of sonic and structural experimentation. While songs like “The Bell” and “Harbinger” suggest the angular and brooding sides of post-punk respectively, the band also creates complex textures using layered instruments and collaged found sounds.

Luna - “Lunafield”

Run Out Groove Records has a monthly poll which allows us to choose an album that they will then press in a limited run. For May’s vote they are throwing Luna’s Lunafied into the ring. Head over to Run Out Groove to vote to get a double LP release of some of the finest covers ever recorded!

Igor Wakhevitch interview

The neckless is the thread, the unity. Let’s say, the line, the trajectory. Unity. I am the neckless and my albums are the pearls! My god. But each pearl is different, their aspect is different. It’s not the same pearl repeated each time. What makes the beauty of a neckless is all these elements put together. My neckless is not yet completed.

Igor Wakhevitch started his career as a brilliant classical pianist and was the pupil of the great french composer Olivier Messiaen at the “Conservatoire National Superieur de Musique et de Danse” in Paris, the most prestigious music school of France.

Próxima Parada - “Desert Bloom II” premiere

From the moment the beautifully crafted, perfectly toned guitar notes enter your ear drum, you may immediately be brought to a place of such legendary California bands such as Circles Around the Sun, Chris Robinson Brotherhood, Beachwood Sparks and even The Grateful Dead. 

One element to this track the sets the band apart is the soulful almost ancient sound vocals of frontman Nick Larson. The sound of his voice feels like it’s plucked from the Topanga Canyon era David Crosby recording sessions. “Desert Bloom II” is synced harmoniously with footage from the powerful documentary Where There Once Was Water. The footage shot by Brittany Anzel App takes you through a vivid California landscape and explores the wonders of the great state of California. We hope to hear much more in the future from this intensely talented San Luis Obispo band. Check out their album on Spotify.

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Sherpa The Tiger - Great Vowel Shift premiere

Sherpa The Tiger are a brand-new band hailing from Lviv, Ukraine. With an arsenal of decrepit Soviet synthesisers, the four-piece combine a love of minimalist ambient music and the kosmische grooves that came pumping out of Eastern Europe in the 60s/70s.

There are two sides to Sherpa The Tiger, there are the dancy groove-ridden cuts that channel the funkier repetitions of CAN’s Future Days LP, held together and propelled by a jagged drumbeat that Jaki Liebezeit would surely be proud of. And then there are the more stripped-back moments, which see cosmic, ambient deconstructions that could easily have found themselves on the score of some kind of 80s crime-thriller set against the neon-lit backdrop of Miami.

King Ropes - “Green Wolverine” (2018) review

King Ropes - Green Wolverine (Self-released, 2018) review

Dave Hollier left his hometown of Bozeman, Montana to move to Brooklyn, NY. His life was just starting. It was the 1980s—New York was sweaty, loud, and ferociously teeming with big dreams. It was here that the Hollier began taking influence from greats like The Pixies, Tom Petty, Kraftwerk, and Tom Waits.

Patrick Grant - “A Sequence of Waves (Twelve Stories and a Dream)” interview

Patrick Grant - A Sequence of Waves (Twelve Stories and a Dream) (Peppergreen Media, 2017) 

The NYC-based composer and performer Patrick Grant has had a long and gleaming career that continues on with his newest release, A Sequence of Waves (Twelve Stories and a Dream). The album is a refined collection of genre-bending and experimental tracks that many critics struggle to pin down. Stumbling into post-minimalism, modern classical, prog rock, and post-rock territory, the album wears many masks. And for good reason, given Grant’s accomplished background.

The Laissez Fairs - “Target On My Back” (2017) review

The Laissez Fairs - Target On My Back (Birs Recordings, 2017)

A wonderful psychedelic mod rock band from Las Vegas, NV, The Laissez Fairs, namely John Fallon and Joe Lawless, follow up to their 2016 self-titled debut release with this ten track slab of gorgeous tunes on the Birs Recordings label. The album is comprised of nine band originals and a wonderful cover of The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s “Nightbird” all performed with zest and incredible enthusiasm.