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Farida Amadou

“Isn’t it all about revendications, fucking the system and love?”

Farieda Amadou is a Liège, Belgium based bass player, most well known for being part of the punk band Cocaine Piss and for her free improv sets with Steve Noble.

The Band Whose Name Is a Symbol interview with John Westhaver

The Band Whose Name Is a Symbol are a collection of musicians from Ottawa, Canada who play some of the best improvisational, free form psychedelic music.

Velvet Elevator interview

Velvet Elevator from Wollongong, Australia recently released a heavy psychedelic album Prīncipium. It’s been one of my favorites for awhile now.

Alpha Stone - “Stereophonic Pop Art Music” premiere

Pete “Bassman” Bain, one of the founding members of the UK cult psychrock band Spacemen 3, formed Alpha Stone after Spacemen 3 and his other band The Darkside split up in the mid-nineties. In 1996 the band recorded the album ’Stereophonic Pop Art Music’  and it was released on Bomp! Records on Compact Disc. The album hasn’t had a ”proper” vinyl release until now, 2018, when Höga Nord Rekords continues their collaboration with Pete Bassman by releasing the album.

Wizard Sleeve - “Come And Go” premiere

From their first EP Special Brew, here’s the video to “Come And Go”, an epic narrative about their experiences with the society around them in Brighton. Directed and animated by Alex Kazem Malaki.

Tokyo Jazz Joints

Documenting a vanishing world of Japanese jazz culture

“Jazz and freedom go hand in hand.” – Thelonious Monk

Tokyo Jazz Joints is a documentary photography project which began to document Tokyo’s myriad jazz bars and cafes back in March 2015, with little idea of how far and wide it would eventually reach.

Alpha Omega interview

Australian space rockers Alpha Omega

Steeple Remove - “Oval-Strii” premiere

Emerging out of Rouen, a small city in the Normandy region of France, Steeple Remove burst onto the European underground in 1998 with their debut release, The Importance of Being Steeple Remove, on the cult label Sordide Sentimental (Joy Division, Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV). Fast-forward twenty years and the band have just released their fifth full-length, Vonal-Axis, on London’s Fuzz Club Records. Their finest record to date, it’s a deeply-interesting listen that journeys from woozy shoegaze drones that weigh heavy on your chest to kosmische psych-pop and dubbed-out post-punk.

Terry Brooks and Strange - “Treasures and Gems from the Treasure Chest Volumes 1-5” (2018) review

Terry Brooks and Strange - Treasures and Gems from the Treasure Chest Volumes 1-5

One of America’s great independent rock and roll guitarists, Terry Brooks has been active professionally since the early 1960s. Growing up in Ohio, he toured the US “chitlin’ circuit” in his mid-teens as the only white musician in an all-black blues band. At this time, he began developing his trademark sound that is at once formidable and spaced-out while also deeply empathetic.

Radiorgasmo - “On My Way” premiere

Radiorgasmo is the project of three Italian multi-instrumentalists now living in Berlin. Their name stands for a high diversity of genre and atmosphere so that going from one song of the band to another is like switching from one radio channel to another. This should keep the listener constantly excited and surprised - fulfilling and pleasing many parts of his musical desires..

Automatism - “From The Lake” (2018) review

Automatism - From The Lake (Tonzonen, 2018)

Debut album (not counting their eponymous track downloadable on their Bandcamp site) from the Swedish psych quartet that grew out of Kungens Män, both of whom specialize in improvised “music that plays itself without effort”. The half dozen tracks float seamlessly between lengthy jam workouts, such as the astonishing twelve and a half minute opener ‘Standing Wave’ that creates a marvelously groovy vibe, a la Spacious Mind to shorter bursts of celestial inspiration like the perfectly-titled drifters ‘At Sea’ and ‘October Swim’.