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Ganeša interview

Interview with Ljubiša Ristić and Bojan Kveder about Ganeša, a Serbian band that released three exceptional Indian influenced single 45’s. Their name bore from Hindu deity of prosperity and new beginnings.

Het Interstedelijk Harmoniumverbond

“Sometimes time can be something weird and disorientating”

Glen Steenkiste talks in this interview about Het Interstedelijk Harmoniumverbond as a league of harmonium players, all from different cities, who come together and join forces to create music. I have nothing to add to that.

Black Artists Group

“A pure communication

In Paris, Aries 1973 is the only album made by St Louis, Missouri art collective Black Artists Group. It is now reissued by Aguirre Records. 

LoFi Satellites - “FeetToTheFire” premiere

Any studio geek/aficionado can almost guess that “FeetToTheFire” was recorded at the legendary Tiny Telephone Studios in San Francisco, due to thick production and clarity of the bass and drums. Lo-Fi Satellites is a 4 piece alternative psych band tucked away in the Bay Area’s best kept secret, Pacifica. Lead by Marc Belluomini’s vocals the band takes us on a journey with astral sounding guitar tones, and a heart pounding rhythm section. “FeetToTheFire” is the opening track from their upcoming EP. Be sure to check the boys out at The Caravan on 11.30 in San Jose. 

Fickle Pickle - “A Complete Pickle” (2018) review

Fickle Pickle - A Complete Pickle (Morgan Blue Town Music, 2018)

A North-West London studio based quartet consisting of members best known as producers, engineers and session players, Fickle Pickle was actually a bit of an English psych pop supergroup consisting of Cliff Wade (lead guitar, rhythm guitar and bass guitar) and Geoff Gill (drums) from The Smoke, best known for their late 60’s acid classic “My Friend Jack” along with Wil Malone (piano, organ and electric piano) from Orange Bicycle and Steve Howden (lead guitar, rhythm guitar and bass guitar) from Red Dirt. Vocals for the band were supplied by all four members. The three bands had in common that they recorded at Morgan Studios in London, so it was rather inevitable that the four combined their talents and recorded a handful of singles as well as an LP that received very limited distribution. Luckily for fans of the band, albeit some fifty years later, the complete works of Fickle Pickle have been lovingly compiled and annotated by David Wells in a three CD box set aptly titled “A Complete Pickle” released on Morgan Music Co. Ltd.’s Morgan Blue Town imprint.

From The Vault: Little Feat - “Little Feat” (1970)

With Little Feat being the brainchild of Lowell George, who was politely dismissed from Frank Zappa’s band by Zappa suggesting that perhaps it was time for Lowell to form his own group. Nevertheless, once formed, Little Feat would eventually slide out of Lowell’s hands, taking on a sound quality that would again lead Mr. George to form his solo project during the Little Feat recording of Time Loves A Hero.

Disgusting Beauty - “All About” premiere

Disgusting Beauty are a Berlin based band with a line-up including musicians from Israel, France, Spain and Argentina which was originally founded in 2016. After the release of their first EP in 2018 through Blue Cat, the band started touring across Germany and France, already playing renowned venues such as Kantine am Berghain (Berlin), Molotow (Hamburg) and Supersonic (Paris).

“The Heavy Medicinal Grand Exposition” by Frozen Planet....1969

Frank Attard of Frozen Planet.... 1969 talks about the making of “The Heavy Medicinal Grand Exposition”. It’s a true heavy-psyched-out instrumental adventure.

Simulated Sun - “ZPE” premiere

Simulated Sun is the brainchild of Dave Farina, best known as the prominent science communicator behind the YouTube channel “Professor Dave Explains”. Though his professional life is dedicated to science, music has been his true passion from a young age. Beginning as a classical pianist, he switched to drums and ethnic percussion in college, going on to play drums for a variety of bands in the decade that followed, most notably the Indie-Americana outfit The Lonely Wild.

Mad Timothy - “A Very Snug Joiner” (2018) review

Mad Timothy - “A Very Snug Joiner” (LP on Out-Sider/Unknown Recording Date)

Completely unknown dumpster dive acetate rescued from a US thrift shop. Best guesses at the label suggest it may have been recorded in the late ‘60s/early ‘70s, but it could just as easily have been a bunch of teenagers goofing around in their basement last month who planted the sleeveless album in their local pawn shop. Attempts to contact members of the band have so far proven fruitless, but once news of the release spreads, the label hopes someone will step forth. In the meantime, what we have here is an apparent demo that never made it past the acetate stage. Having run through all the disclaimers, it’s not a bad little album, boasting decent, stoner-type vocals, lightning fast solos, and surprisingly strong production values (although, admittedly, the label gave it the once over twice to clean up the sludge and scuff marks!)

F/i & Vocokesh interview with Richard Franecki

F/i are from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and have been around since 1982. They released a huge amount of interesting material, ranging from noise to experimental space rock. Richard Franecki has also a few other projects, including Vocokesh.