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Soft Speaker - “Nautical Romance” (2017) review

Soft Speaker - Nautical Romance (Edelweiss Grammofon, 2017) 

Soft Speaker’s Nautical Romance took me by complete surprise, and I assure you, is nothing like you’d expect from viewing the front cover, and certainly less from the album’s back image; with both featuring members of the band.

Sunrose - “Fever” premiere

Sunrose are an independent 4-piece band based in the hills of Byron Bay who create timeless psychedelic pop/rock and translate their lifestyle of ocean, nature & sunshine into a sonic swirl of haunting vocals, grooved out rhythms and harmonic undulations dripping with vibrato & delay.   

New music video for “Fever,” the lead single from forthcoming debut EP Cosmic Horizon. The song is a fun, upbeat take on excitement & the delirium of sickness fusing surf pop rhythms, melodic hooks and a roller coaster ride full of twists & turns. 

Top Video Games with a Psychedelic Theme

There are psychedelic graphics in a lot of day to day activities, but game developers appear to particularly love this design convention. With immersive atmospheres and interesting worlds to experiment with, this medium is brilliant for those that want to create their own world.

Crank Sturgeon

“It’s not punk. It’s not art. It’s not even music. And it’s definitely not a haircut.”

Maine based noise musician Matt Anderson celebrates 25 years of Crank Sturgeon with his 150th release.

Bill Orcutt

“Music does what it wants”

An Account Of The Crimes Of Peter Thiel And His Subsequent Arrest, Trial And Execution is a 12” LP released by Bill Orcutt in an edition of 100 copies. It contains a loop that grows, collapses, grows and collapses again.

Rivener - “Rivener” album premiere

Lysergic free-rock improvisations.

New Haven-based duo Rivener’s lysergic improvisations are shape-shifting explorations of no wave, noise, free-jazz and psych with some elements loosely rooted in the rock tradition--ineffable expressions of the human spirit. Intrepid seekers always listening for the signs, guitarist/percussionist Paul Belbusti (Mercy Choir) and drummer Michael Kiefer (Myty Konkeror) mangle, stretch, bend, and breathe new meaning into these influences with subtle dynamic shifts, conjuring stormy, cosmic clouds of sound.

You can pre-order the album here:

Second Hand - “Death May Be Your Santa Claus” (1971) review

Second Hand - Death May Be Your Santa Claus (1971)
(Esoteric/Cherry Red ECLEC 2594; 44.19 minutes)

Just released by Esoteric/Cherry Red, hot on the heels of their excellent Mushroom Story, is the ultra-rare second album by Second Hand, the studio band of Vic Keary’s eclectic Mushroom Records. With three equally rare bonus tracks, 24-bit remastering and well-illustrated booklet, this is a welcome issue for all interested in the origins of progressive rock.

The Beginner’s Mynd - “Don’t Lose Your Mind” (2017) review

The Beginner’s Mynd - Don’t Lose Your Mind (13 O’Clock Records, 2017)

July 28, 2017 marked the release of the debut LP by Washington, D.C. area rock trio, The Beginner’s Mynd. The ten tunes composing “Don’t Lose Your Mind” serve as notice to one and all that these three talented musicians are a force to be reckoned with.

“Pharmacopious” (Part 4) by Jenell Kesler

A man said “Hi.”  I didn’t recognize him, then spun mid-step almost toppling over, realizing he was the guy taking care of my meter.  “How’s it going?” I asked.  From somewhere Sheba crawled into his lap for some serious petting, “Just fine, just fine.  You wouldn’t have a couple more of those reds would you, this kitten’s been demanding belly rubs?

Extremely rare NY Psych Rock Band “Daybreak” Given New Life

Extremely rare NY Psych Rock Given New Life

“Daybreak” by Daybreak (RPC1971/Gear Fab, 2017)

Originally available as a limited, 400 copies, self released LP on the vanity RPC Records label, Daybreak’s 1971 s/t sole album was recently given new life with its reissue on Gear Fab Records. Thankfully, the seven track classic piece of NY psych rock is now available to the masses for the first time ever. 

The Black Wizards - “What The Fuzz!” (2017) review

“Beyond The Fuzz,” a review of The Black Wizards’ second record What The Fuzz!

The Black Wizards exploded on the scene in late 2015 with bombastic first album Lake Of Fire. In a short space time, they evolved from a well intended but quite appealing EP to one hell of a long play. One does not even need to describe how well they master their instruments.