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Interview with Pete Fine of The Flow

Pete Fine recorded and privately released a tremendous orchestral psychedelic rock album in 1974. He was also guitarist in The Flow (first issued on Shadoks Music). For fans of extremely heavy guitars!

Soviet Hippies

Soviet Hippies is a documentary film about counterculture movement in Soviet Union. It’s a wonderful in-depth view behind the Iron Curtain and youth’s mindset. There are some newly discovered film footage that completely mesmerized my experience of watching the documentary. As a big music enthusiast I was really curious about music, as documentary also released its soundtrack on vinyl.

‘A Broken Heart Would Be Lovely’: Skip Spence and Oar

In December 1968, a young Californian musician walked out of a Nashville recording studio for the last time. Having applied the finishing touches, the slight 22-year-old’s first and final solo album would be released the following year to near-silence. One of many low-budget, quick-fix LPs released in the dying days of the 1960s, it even went on to the rather embarrassing feat of being (for some time) the worst-selling LP in Columbia Records history.

The Countdown 5 - “Complete Recordings 1965-1969” (2018) review

The Countdown 5 - Complete Recordings 1965-1969 (Gear Fab Records, 2018)

Members of the Galveston Bay, Texas’ rock scene of the middle to late 1960’s, The Countdown 5 were part owners of the renowned Houston recording studio Andrus Productions, where producer Walter Andrus recorded many bands, including the 13th Floor Elevators and Fever Tree. While the group never got the big break to record an LP, they did manage to release several singles on a variety of labels, and while none hit big in the US, years later the group did learn that one of their singles had actually topped the charts in Germany for a short period of time. Finally, nearly fifty years after the band called it quits, their entire recorded legacy has been compiled on a two CD collection by Gear Fab Records, and quite a treat it is.

Alan Munson - “One Man’s Journey”

It’s Psychedelic Baby Magazine interview with Alan Munson and Sundazed Music

Alan Munson - “One Man’s Journey”
Sundazed / Modern Harmonic Records
Nashville TN - New York NY 

Sundazed Music/ Modern Harmonic Records has assembled, produced and recently released a 2018 compilation album of Alan Munson’s music, titled “One Man’s Journey”.

Gyasi - “Peacock Fantasies” (2018) review

Gyasi - “Peacock Fantasies” (Escaped Peacock Records, 2018)

What would happen if the psychedelic guitars of Traffic’s “Mr. Fantasy” met glam-rock … with the answer bing Peacock Fantasies by Gyasi, a relentless well written well delivered and well produced record you shouldn’t miss, one laced with mystery and swagger.

Panama Limited interview with Denis Parker

Panama Limited Jug Band released their debut in 1969. After that they became much more experimental. Indian Summer was their second and sadly last album.

Purple Heart Parade - “The Room” premiere

Manchester’s Purple Heart Parade are set to unleash their expansive second EP!

‘Lonestar EP’ is a sonic delight that revels in all things psychedelic, from 60s garage to 90s shoegaze, and recalls the likes of Spiritualized, Black Angels and Stone Roses. Reverb laden guitars are used to create an engulfing sea of feedback that washes over smooth melodies and slacker beats, while intense vocals are soaked in dreamlike effects that soar over effortless instrumentation.

Nyl / Cheval Fou interview with Michel Peteau

Nyl’s 1976 sole release is curiously still very much under the radar despite it being one of the most intriguing French psychedelic/prog albums from the 70’s. The music is highly creative and energetic with a definite space-rock feel in the style of Hawkwind, but also reminiscent of Amon Düül II and Agitation Free. Michel Peteau’s guitar is the driving force around which all other elements create a whirlwind of sonic psychedelic infusion veering between loud psychedelia and irreverent pulsating rock groove “a la” Gong. Features Ariel Kalma (flute and sax), as well as Janick Top (From Magma) and Bernard Lavialle (from Ame Son). Originally released on Richard Pinhas Urus Records. Golden Pavilion Records reissued the album in high quality heavy paste-on gatefold cover, limited to 500 copies in black vinyl and 100 in coloured vinyl.

Ten Years After - “Live at the Fillmore East 1970” on vinyl (2018) review

Ten Years After - Live at the Fillmore East 1970 (Pledge Music, 2018)

Another vinyl experience that shouldn’t be missed …

Ten Years After were relentless, proving for all time that they were perhaps the most wondrous live band walking the planet, with this being their fourth, and best, live outing in what was then a rather short career.

Catapilla interview with Robert Calvert

A founding member of progressive rock band Catapilla which was formed in the late 1960s Calvert appears on both their albums, 1971’s eponymous Catapilla and 1972’s Changes.