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Henry Andersen

“There is information and communities in the world which you just cannot access, and that this is OK”

Henry Andersen’s debut album Stanzas or The Law of the Good Neighbour is a record on which every word counts. It’s a list of words, read out loud.

Luna - “Penthouse” (1995) review

Luna “Penthouse” (Elektra Records/Record Store Day release, 1995/2017)

Just in time for Record Store Day 2017, Luna’s most revered and legendary album will be released as a remastered double disc vinyl set of only 3500 copies world wide. This is the album Rolling Stone Magazine listed as one of the best albums of the 1990s, saying that Luna was without a doubt the best band too many dumb-ass Americans have never heard of.

The Book Of AM album premiere

For the first time, the four parts of The Book Of AM, recorded between 1978 and 2012, are put together as one project, thanks to Open Your Eyes, Belgium’s finest purveyor of Psychedelic Rock and Acid Folk acts since 2008 and home of Cosmic Trip Machine, Will Z., Book Of AM, Meditations Overdrive, Black Moon Tape and many others...

The Book Of AM is a unique combination of recordings and artwork, a testament of the hippie scene which flourished in the Baleric islands during the 70’s. Known to record collectors and psych/folk/prog music aficionados, this multicultural project, formed in the island of Mallorca, recorded a beautiful album which has gained cult status as years passed by.

Frozen Planet... 1969 interview with Frank Attard

© Daniel Stulic

Amazing fuzzed out and completely improvisational band from Australia, Frozen Planet.... 1969 already released several albums but their latest was also issued on vinyl by HeadSpin Records. It was sold out pretty quickly and HeadSpin Records announced another run on white vinyl. Band is part of Pepper Shaker Records, run by its band’s members and their releases include lot’s of other projects  by same member, including Mother MarsThe Travelling Museum... If you’re into heavy psych sound from 1969 you’re in for a treat. 

Paul and Frank Attard had been previously playing in the stoner-doom band, Mother Mars and Lachlan Paine was playing in the Canberra heavy rock trio, Looking Glass. When did you decide that you wanted to start writing and performing your own music as a trio?

Back in 2012 we organised to jam with Lachlan who plays bass in The Looking Glass. It all started as just something we wanted to do to see what happens and we were all curious to hear how we would sound together. Our very first jam we recorded and it was eventually released as our first Self Titled album in late 2013. That jam and our music still is completely improvised so there’s never any need to write any of our music.

Bledi Boraku - “Tha” album premiere

Bledi Boraku (Bledar Boraku) is an Albanian musician and composer. He recently released a brand new album. Tha is experimental mixture of ambient and electronics. Below is an exclusive premiere of his album.

Sensations’ Fix “Vision’s Fugitives” album premiere

Sensations’ Fix and Franco Falsini stood out of the Italian prog rock scene of the 1970 with a more Avant-kraut-space sound making them an unicum in this prolific years. Vision’s Fugitives will be first time repressed since its original release in 1977 and with an entire new mix by Franco Falsini.

Rough Church - “Bully My Heart” premiere

 “Bully My Heart” premiere from their latest Queen’s Sacrifice.

Electric Jaguar Baby - “Moonshiner” EP premiere

After releasing a 1st EP in 2016 which was warmly welcomed by French and foreign critics, the band left their garage and trampled stages with their boots across France then Europe with bands like Yeti Lane, Charle’s Howl, Astrodome and Death Valley Girls.

Mark Fry - “Dreaming With Alice” (1972) review

Mark Fry “Dreaming With Alice” (Merlins Nose Records reissue, 1972/2017)

This album has been quite an obscurity already by the time of its release. Recorded by 19 year old Mark Fry for an Italian sub label of RCA it presented a beautifully naive kind of psychedelic folk similar to what The Incredible String Band laid down at the same time just a bit more straight forwarded. 

Cosmic Fall interview

© Sergey Gdanian

Whatever fell from the cosmic sky, it landed in our home town Berlin. And is ready to take your mind on a beautiful journey. Bringing Earthless-level heavy psych into the local scene! Taking you into the endless universe, the lonely desert and the depth of the ocean as relaxing sounds and moody melodies will go along with you on this journey. Do you smell it? It's time for another take off!

Ertlif - “Ertlif​.​.​. Plus” & “Relics From The Past” premiere

Debut album from 1972 by Ertlif, one of the leading Swiss progressive / psychedelic bands from the 1970s. Now expanded to a double set, including a whole extra album of previously unreleased homemade recordings from 1971 plus a rare compilation only track from 1973. UK sounding doomy & atmospheric psychedelic hard-rock and proto-prog sounds with lot of Hammond organ, hard guitar, occasional Mellotron and English vocals.