‘Get To You’ by Vibravoid | New Album, ‘ We Cannot Awake’

Uncategorized July 10, 2024

‘Get To You’ by Vibravoid | New Album, ‘ We Cannot Awake’

Exclusive video premiere of ‘Get To You’ by Vibravoid, taken from the upcoming album, ‘We Cannot Awake,’ out August 23, 2024 via Tonzonen Records.

‘We Cannot Awake’ is a journey into the depths of human existence and the outer cosmos. Driving beats and interstellar frequencies channel primal fears of the unknown, creating a sense of danger. It’s a sonic tapestry of strychnine and psilocybin, magic mushrooms, and the relentless passage of time. We cannot awake.

With ‘Get To You,’ Vibravoid delivers a psychedelic, catchy tune perfect for any large discotheque. Groovy pop music with hymn-like hooks meets the 1960s wall of effects, making it ideal for any Autobahn journey.

Vibravoid’s admiration for The Byrds is evident in tracks like ‘Nothing Is Wrong’ and ‘A Comment On The Current Times.’ However, their fusion with the Düsseldorf “Motorik Sound” takes psychedelic music to a new level.

‘The End Of The Game’ showcases Vibravoid as the German masters of the fuzz effect. Ultra-psychedelic guitar sounds and echo effects create a compelling pull, drawing listeners into the spell of complex rhythms. Despite 35 years in the industry, Vibravoid continues to generate creative ideas effortlessly.

Side A closes with ‘On Empty Streets,’ painting a dystopian picture while cranking up the pop factor so high that the riffs seep into your consciousness, expanding it. All sound effects are seamlessly integrated, making the highly experimental music in the spirit of the Düsseldorf School almost unnoticeable.

‘We Cannot Awake’ occupies the entirety of side B, lasting over 20 minutes. This track promises a unique musical experience, blending Vibravoid’s Düsseldorf sound with the year 2024.

Headline photo: Ingo Lammert

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