‘Deliciously’ by Lumberob | ‘Hunter Gather’ Out Now!

Uncategorized July 11, 2024

‘Deliciously’ by Lumberob | ‘Hunter Gather’ Out Now!

Exclusive video premiere of ‘Deliciously’ by Lumberob, taken from the latest album, ‘Hunter Gather,’ out now!

Today, Lumberob shares his highly anticipated LP, ‘Hunter Gather.’ The album features 18 tracks, including the lead single, ‘My Goth Acquaintance,’ and the fresh new single, ‘Deliciously.’

Clocking in at a mere minute and change, ‘Deliciously’ packs a head-bob inducing punch, and is brought to life by a captivatingly vibrant video by Arturo Baston that you simply can’t tear your eyes away from. “You certainly know it’s him,” Rob remarked about the artist, “…like a guitar tone for video.”

When asked about the inspiration for the song and it’s video, Rob replied, “Clearly inspired by everyone’s favorite Puritanical family comedy, ‘Deliciously’ refers not to Black Phillip, but rather to a teasing, taunting Dark-Grey Phillip, conjured to speak to thee by artist Arturo Baston.” He continues, “… yes, the taste of butter, a pretty dress, and our demon toad help you see more than before. Choose wisely! Fun and fast, ‘Deliciously’ surges with that creepy cool Bass Tone video vibe of dark saturation and grand mal meditation. Play it loud!”

The LP is overflowing with non-genre exuberance in which nothing feels old. ‘Hunter Gather’ is out today via Shimmy-Disc.

Built from the same loopy logic which drives the stomping slaphappy force of his live show, these tunes are weirdly thunk out loud and large. Mixed and mastered by Kramer, the album surprises itself – estranged from obvious categorization. These slippery little bangers are bold exercises in genre discovery. It sounds like nothing, it goes with everything. They bounce. They make dizzy. Nothing is old in that feeling, ever.

In his own words, “I am generally thought of as a good closer, a tough act to follow. I strive to be that surreally inventive performer who spins giddy with excitement, who dances dumb and bangs hard. That’s what I do, and this album is a refined encapsulation of that energy. There’s truly beautiful stupidity found here.”

Headline photo: Galina Kurlat

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