‘All Things May Be’ by Meli Levi | EP Premiere

Uncategorized May 31, 2024

‘All Things May Be’ by Meli Levi | EP Premiere

Exclusive EP premiere of All Things May Be’ by Meli Levi, out now.

Singer-songwriter Meli Levi has made a significant return to music after a transformative five-year hiatus dedicated to studying meditation-based healing techniques. This introspective journey has deepened their appreciation for music’s power. “A song can evoke powerful memories or inspire forgiveness—it holds immense power,” Meli reflects. “I’m mindful of what I put out into the world with my music.”

Their latest EP, ‘All Things May Be,’ is a heartfelt tapestry of memories and experiences, produced at Boxer Lodge Studios in Napa, CA. The EP, preceded by the single ‘Echo In A Valley,’ follows their acclaimed debut EP, ‘Crowned,’ co-produced with Grammy winner Isha Erskine. Before going solo, Meli spent a decade in Seattle with the band Seeing Blind.

Meli’s style blends folk-rock and alt-rock with touches of blues, drawing from their complex family dynamics, recovery journey, meditation practice, and experiences in the music industry. “As a queer female, I want to be the change I see and hear in an industry dominated by males,” they say.

Classically trained in choir, jazz, madrigals, and show tunes, Meli eventually embraced the guitar, finding their voice as a singer-songwriter. 

Meli says, “I wanted to play around a bit and sort of create a modern version of a mixtape. It struck me that people used to make mixtapes and CD’s for friends and lovers. Nowadays we have playlists and more and more people are listening to playlists instead of albums all the way through….so I got curious to record an album that was more like a mixtape than a traditional themed album. So you’ll hear elements of Motown, blues, alt rock. indie pop, folk, alternative…all rolled into one “playlist” of an EP. The title ‘All Things May Be’ also helps point to this concept. ‘Every Song I Sing’ is a song dedicated to my mother, whom I was separated from when I was a young child and just recently got in touch with again. ‘Echo in a Valley’ brings reflection about decades of alcohol/drug abuse and how I recently pulled myself out of it through a combination of will, meditation and vulnerability. ‘Close to You’ is about the simple wanting for touch and closeness with my partner amidst a world of monotony and division. ‘Move with Me’ brings some fun danceable time signature changes and a message of the oneness of humankind. And ‘All Things May Be’ is about remembering all the different people in my life who I have lost one way or another. It is an album that speaks to years of self-reflection and of longing for deeper connection with others.”

‘All Things May Be’ is a well-produced EP with an organic feel, showcasing Meli’s expressive vocals, imaginative arrangements, and skilled guitar work. 

Headline photo: Michael Maffe

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