‘A Foretold Ecstasy’ by Mayflower Madame

Uncategorized May 10, 2024

‘A Foretold Ecstasy’ by Mayflower Madame

Norwegian outfit Mayflower Madame has dropped their latest single, ‘A Foretold Ecstasy,’ offering a tantalizing glimpse into their highly anticipated third album, set to release this fall.

With this track, the band refines their unique mix of post-punk, shoegaze, and psychedelia into a more defined sonic experience. It features a driving rhythm section, haunting synths, and reverb-soaked guitars that cut through the mix. It’s an ideal anthem for night owls in the city, as well as a guaranteed hit on the dance floors of edgy indie clubs.

Lead vocalist and songwriter Trond Fagernes explains that the lyrics explore the idea of seeking out euphoric or intoxicating experiences to escape inner turmoil, even though you know the high will eventually come crashing down. The song combines brooding and uplifting elements, with big choruses that bring an almost contradictory sense of hope and gloom.

The accompanying music video, directed by the band’s longtime visual collaborator Astrid Serck, complements the track’s intense energy and emotional depth, capturing the sense of yearning and the desire for escape.

Mayflower Madame’s reputation has grown significantly in recent years, reaching far beyond their Oslo roots. Their debut album, ‘Observed in a Dream’ (2016), earned critical acclaim and led to tours across Europe and North America. The 2020 follow-up, ‘Prepared for a Nightmare,’ solidified their place among Europe’s foremost bands blending cinematic psych-gaze with dark ’80s romanticism.

Their upcoming third album is set to drop in the fall of 2024. It has been mixed and mastered by the esteemed Italian engineer Maurizio Baggio, known for his work with The Soft Moon, Boy Harsher, and The Vacant Lots. The album will be released digitally via the band’s own label, Night Cult Records, on CD through Icy Cold Records (France), and on vinyl through Only Lovers Records (France) and Up In Her Room (UK).

You can stream and share the single here: https://ffm.to/aforetoldecstasy

Headline photo: Miriam Brenne

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