Frituuur Aconcagua

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Frituuur Aconcagua

Frituuur Aconcagua consists of Nicolás Carcavilla, Pablo Picco, and David Jarrín Zabala.

They have just released their self-titled debut album on Kraak. It features free folk collage music—poetic and weird, raw and subtle, “out there” yet rooted in daily life. It’s utterly beautiful.

“Like a trip on a mountain”

Can you tell me how you guys made this album? The liner-notes mention it was recorded at three different places in two years’ time. So how did this actually go?

David: The record started during the COVID period and was fun and slow to finish. At first, Pablo sent Nico and me a bunch of recordings (including instrumental pieces, collages, and field recordings). The Ambassador was as swift and inspired as the great Manitou and added a second layer. Finally, I came in third with my antics and joined in with more stuff at a slower pace. We kept communicating by email and voice messages from Argentina, Chile, and Belgium.

Pablo: I quite remember sending the “basic” sounds to Nico (or maybe David?). Of course… The main idea was to record something first and then the other pal would add a second layer, and then the third. By the end, that “first” layer is lost… or maybe very modified. I love when that happens in the process of recording.

David: It all happened via mail. It was a very literary process for me. I felt as if the three of us were writing short stories together. That could be a good description.

How do you remember the recording of this album? Who did what?

David: The recording happened during a very rough period for me personally. Working on the project was a lifebelt of sorts and also like solving an intricate puzzle, as I had to imagine how my contribution could work with the bright intuitions of Nico and Pablo. I remember trying a lot of stuff with it: bells, field recordings, singing.

Pablo: As I said… I remember sending maybe the first parts… And then editing some of the tracks to modify the general feel of it. It was super cool to also discuss all the sounds in the Frituuur WhatsApp group. Also… from start to end, it was quite a long project… I try to “forget” about the things I made… And then going back and “rediscovering” the material again, to be surprised about the sounds and paths it will take me.

How did the three of you get to know each other? And why did you decide to make a record together?

David: I first met Nico when he came to Belgium and stayed for most of 2012. He was part of the Congregación de espíritus collective that soon became the Nonlocal Research label. We jammed a little bit at the time already, and the seed of creating some sort of clumsy prog-rock band came then. Some years later, Pablo and I started talking through social media because we liked each other’s music.

What does the name “Frituuur Aconcagua” refer to? Is it a joke?

David: It refers to the contrast between the highest point of the American continent with all its epic: snow, condors, and llamas as cascading fireballs; and the lowest point of world cuisine – the French fry stands of Belgium. The three “u’s” are for showing the depth of the pit. And, yes, it is a joke.

Pablo: I think we all three like to eat French fries too!

In a way, to me, this album has a very “South American” feel. It has something ritualistic, something “voodoo” even. I don’t know if this is the right choice of words. Does this make sense to you? There’s also a part of this music I feel I can’t put my hands on. It’s “abstract” (maybe “mysterious” is more accurate), but this music is also playful, joyful, “light”. Again: does this make sense to you?

Pablo: Yes… maybe… I think all the characteristics you’re talking about… are somewhat the main characteristics of all the music in the world ; /D But still… Erm… I can remember… Maybe the first “versions” of the album sounded to me… Like a trip on a mountain… very “Andean” mountains. Bear in mind that all three countries share a portion of the Andes mountain chain.

David: I’m very happy you see the joy behind this record. It makes a lot of sense to me what you say. I also think that every musical encounter is a ritual of sorts even for this project in which we worked through computers and phones – contemporary telepathy. I love doing collaborations for many reasons, and one of these is the possibility of exploring parts of myself that I am not aware of – and that must be the part related to the Andean atmosphere and the possibility to share my rather quirky sense of humor.

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