‘Sorrows of Richard’ by Lommen

Uncategorized February 26, 2024

‘Sorrows of Richard’ by Lommen

Exclusive premiere of ‘Sorrows of Richard,’ performed live at Klubb DÖD 2024 by Lommen.

Lommen, a dynamic endeavor led by vocalist and songwriter Antonio Fryk, continually evolves through collaborations with diverse musicians and artists across various disciplines.

The genesis of the Lommen project dates back to approximately 2010 when Fryk stayed in a quaint cabin nestled in Hälsingland, northern Sweden—a structure erected by his grandfather in the 1940s. Situated beside a tranquil lake and constructed from remnants of a century-old cabin, this serene abode resonated with the haunting cry of the “Storlom” bird, inspiring the moniker “Lommen.” In this picturesque setting reminiscent of John Bauer’s artwork, Fryk’s creativity flourished, drawing from Swedish folklore, mythology, and personal recollections of his Andalusian upbringing.

Equipped with rudimentary musical instruments like an acoustic guitar and a vintage Casio keyboard, Fryk embarked on a journey of sonic exploration. The composition ‘Sins‘ emerged as the project’s inaugural piece, epitomizing the distinctive essence he sought to convey.

During his tenure studying art in Gothenburg in 2015, Fryk enlisted neighbor Per Nattramn to contribute banjo accompaniment to his recordings. The resulting two-track gothic folk rock single, ‘Sins,’ was crafted at The Dustward studio in Stockholm, featuring a medley of instruments recorded by Fryk and cellist Andreas Lagerström.

Conceptual artist Manjou Huhtamäki complemented Lommen’s evocative sound with a striking graphic logo, discreetly distributed along with the single to select individuals who influenced Fryk’s artistic journey, including renowned musician and artist Joakim Skogsberg.

Collaborating with saxophonist Backa Carin Ivarsdotter and drummer Sven Fredrik for the art exhibition “This Is The End” at Salsta Slott, Lommen debuted his avant-garde repertoire in the castle’s knights’ hall, setting the stage for subsequent ventures, including the recording of ‘Rope‘ and the haunting ballad ‘For Love; I Erase,’ featured in filmmaker Malga Kubiak’s poignant film.

With the current ensemble comprising Rickard Folke, Aska Quintero, and Lars Harefjord, Lommen’s musical canvas encompasses a captivating fusion of rock, post-punk, noise, and folk.

Recently, Lommen graced the stage at Stockholm’s goth rock club Klubb Död, delivering a mesmerizing live performance captured on film by photographer Åke Tireland, featuring the captivating rendition of ‘Sorrows Of Richard’.

Headline photo: Manjou Huhtamäki

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