‘Phantom of Real’ by Davey Harris

Uncategorized February 27, 2024

‘Phantom of Real’ by Davey Harris

Exclusive video premiere of ‘Phantom of Real’ by Davey Harris.

“‘Phantom of Real,’ the new single from the expansively eclectic songwriter Davey Harris, ebbs and flows from melodic space-folk, bursting into kaleidoscopic pop wonderment. A gentle psychedelic meander through shimmering reverb-drenched vocals and twinkling guitars, ‘Phantom of Real’ serves as both a meditation on the search for companionship and an ode to an imaginary ideal partner.

Davey Harris is a songwriter, storyteller, and multi-instrumentalist (drummer turned singer) who stumbled into wizardry by accident. “A friend of mine told me this song was actually a magic spell I was casting to call in this person,” he explains. Previously, he was the percussionist and co-founder of the band The Tins, which rose to prominence with their breakout hit, ‘The Green Room,’ and their cover of Bruce Springsteen’s ‘State Trooper.’

Harris loves to grapple with himself, weaving opposing sonic sentiments. His musical landscapes are clever, vast, diverse, and filled with earworms. He mixes the autobiographical with the fantastical, offering commentary on life, love, sex, and mortality. Today, Harris leverages music to amplify causes and share stories of significance.

Written in his small Buffalo, NY bachelor pad during a time of societal – and in his case, romantic – isolation, ‘Phantom of Real’ features performances from Rush Davis (snakehips) and Aidan Carroll (Donald Fagen). Uplifting yet infused with bittersweet optimism, it is designed to hit you in the feels.


“This song represents and time in my life when I was yearning for many things, not just true love, but a whole new life. Weird thing is once the song was written everything magically shifted and I got what I wanted. The spell worked. The video is a visual representation of that yearning and sad boy time of my life.”

Headline photo: Tristan Leyco

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