‘Dead At 25’ by JuJu | New Album, ‘Apocalypse Is God’s Spoiler’

Uncategorized February 28, 2024

‘Dead At 25’ by JuJu | New Album, ‘Apocalypse Is God’s Spoiler’

Exclusive video premiere of ‘Dead At 25’ by JuJu, taken from the upcoming album, ‘Apocalypse Is God’s Spoiler,’ out March 15th, 2024 via Sister 9 Recordings.

JuJu, a project led by Giole Valenti, known for his work with Lay Llamas and Herself, is set to release their fifth album, ‘Apocalypse Is God’s Spoiler’. The album features guest appearances by Chad Channing of Nirvana and Luca Giovanardi of Julie’s Haircut. The album reflects a disillusioned perspective on contemporary society, exploring themes of mass-media saturation, hedonism, and warfare. JuJu’s musical journey has evolved from African influences to a blend of shoegaze and post-punk, culminating in a mature and distinct sound.

‘Apocalypse Is God’s Spoiler’ sees JuJu embracing a blend of post-punk, shoegaze, darkwave, industrial, and synthpop, while incorporating tribal and occult psych elements. The first single, ‘Dead at 25,’ channels influences from Depeche Mode and The Doors, while ‘Black And White’ delves into African rock territory.

“The song paints a fresco on a modern condition: an exasperated tendency towards hedonism, in the heart of a neoliberal civilization, in which everything is a mathematical function of money. A boy can die in war… another can perish from a trip that ended badly, in a seedy nightclub. The place where you are born determines the directions of your entire existence. What unites these two deaths is the denial of any natural right, other than that of dying. The video stages images of a society committed to running towards nowhere. Speed, money, fake fun, the delirium of a mind adrift. The images of people in the discoteque, lost among shamanic rhythms and psychedelic lights conflict with a total war ending. The same society that plies you with panem et circenses is the same one that sends you to die, like cannon fodder, for someone else’s profit. It really seems to be the Apocalypse. And this is the spoiler, like in a painting by Bosch.” – Gioele Valenti

JuJu, led by Gioele Valenti and supported by Vincenzo Schillaci and Andrea Chentrens, continues to push musical boundaries with their latest release.

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