‘Bone Marrow’ by Autumn Luz | New EP, ‘Fragments’

Uncategorized February 7, 2024

‘Bone Marrow’ by Autumn Luz | New EP, ‘Fragments’

Exclusive video premiere of ‘Bone Marrow’ by Autumn Luz, taken from the latest EP, ‘Fragments’.

Autumn Luz knew the title of her debut EP, ‘Fragments,’ and the darkly cathartic, 5-song collection’s thematic bend before she knew what program of songs would comprise it. The EP would be culled from a sprawling 30-40 song catalog that explored the shadowy emotions that continue to haunt childhood trauma survivors well into adulthood, and shape their experiences in future relationships.

“These are sharp little pieces of my fragmented sense of self as a complex trauma survivor,” the Philly-based indie-rock artist reveals. “Each song describes just one element of one of the wildest years of my life, connecting with parts of myself I had ignored for decades, and setting myself free.”

The entrancing second single, ‘Bone Marrow,’ is crafted around a sequence of four chords that give off a bittersweet tonality somewhere between major and minor. The song teems with intriguing, hard-to-place textures like a guitar melody drastically affected to sound like a dirty trumpet; scratched guitar strings for sharp stab-y textures; and layers of percussion. Over this, Autumn’s chant-like vocals stretch out from sensual low tones, to emotive, full-voice punctuations.

Autumn Luz tells It’s Psychedelic Baby Magazine, “‘Bone Marrow’ became the perfect home for sounds Sam and I had been wanting to make for a long time. For him, it was those piercing pick scratches on the guitar strings. For me, it was the thundering timpani with expressive, layered vocals. The perfect pairing to scrape the deliciously simple-yet-rich bone marrow out for our decadently gruesome enjoyment.”

‘Bone Marrow’ is themed around one of those innocuous events that happen to trigger past trauma and pain. Here, Autumn’s lyrics are visceral and vulnerable, she sings: I want space and I want attention and I’m not accustomed to asking permission/Stay away, because I am made of the thinnest glass/One wrong wind can shatter me and send shards so deep/You will never dig them out. She says: “This song captures one of those moments where I sat in the depths of my darkness, and felt like I’m hopelessly undeserving, worthless, invisible, forgettable, and unlovable to my core. I just sat with these feelings on the couch in my basement studio, and pieced all the lyrics together in one fevered writing session.”

‘Fragments’ cohesively establishes the span of Autumn Luz’s tenebrous and tantalizing aesthetic. Unbridled passion, poetry, and unleashed fury course through the album’s lyrics, as she struggles to process heartache, love, lust, and internalized violence.

Headline photo: Zave Smith

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