‘Speed’ by Carmen Sea | New EP, ‘Sorry’

Uncategorized October 4, 2023

‘Speed’ by Carmen Sea | New EP, ‘Sorry’

French band Carmen Sea has released ‘Speed,’ first single and opening track from their upcoming EP ‘Sorry,’ out November 24, 2023.

This spectacular five-track EP relates the narrative of a car accident that occurred while the band was heading home after a show.

‘Sorry’ relates the narrative of a car accident that occurred on May 21, 2022, while the band was heading home from a gig near Tours, France. At 1 a.m., they hit the road, their driver fell asleep, and the car crashed into a ditch while travelling at 130 km/h on a highway, 45 minutes away from Paris. The car was entirely demolished, but thankfully, everyone survived with only minor injuries.

Living through such a horrific tragedy prompted the band to believe that it was not yet time for them to die. They were hit with a tremendous amount of energy, which they attempted to capture on this record.

The first single off the EP, ‘Speed,’ specifically emphasises physical and emotional overwork, and the incessant impulse to go everywhere, in all directions, to overwork without being conscious of one’s own or others’ boundaries. Carmen Sea’s universe is encapsulated in this dark and noisy piece, which blends aggressive and frontal riffs with melancholic melodies.

Headline photo: Léa Rouaud

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