‘Let’s Hear It for the Kid’ by Lone Kodiak

Uncategorized August 17, 2023

‘Let’s Hear It for the Kid’ by Lone Kodiak

Exclusive track premiere of ‘Let’s Hear It for the Kid’ by Los Angeles-based rock band Lone Kodiak.

Lone Kodiak covers a broad, heavy rock sound, often reminiscent of HUM/Deftones then veering into territory more akin to the louder side of Silversun Pickups, Manchester Orchestra, and even Band of Horses.

“Let’s hear it for the kid who is smart but gets bad grades, who is talented but disorganized, who is creative but unfocused, who works hard but burns out quickly, who drops out, quits, runs away, and despite the risk, starts something new in pursuit of what could very much be pure fantasy”. – Dainéal Parker (vocalist, guitarist)

The band spent the pandemic crafting and honing their sound to a polish during the years of lockdowns and unrest the pandemic brought. What that is, or what to call it, is, again, not easy. “Grunge Renaissance”? “Post-Alt Rock?” Trying to classify them according to genre might earn the vague moniker of “alt-rock” or as far afield as “post-rock.”

Instead, their sound might be best captured by Parker’s vision for his lyrics. “I’ve always been fascinated with scale, majesty, immensity,” he muses. “I imagine my own death would ideally either being lost at sea or in the forest.” Look no further than the band’s name for a prime example: “Lone Kodiak” evokes the grand intimacy of a powerful animal lumbering through a vast, unforgiving wilderness.

On an endless landscape, one can’t help but feel like everything is infinitely far away, and yet feels close enough to touch, looming distantly right in front of our eyes.

Headline photo: Sarah Lee

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