Matt Costa To Release Katabatic Flight Film Featuring Self-Produced and Written Score

Uncategorized April 28, 2023

Matt Costa To Release Katabatic Flight Film Featuring Self-Produced and Written Score

Acclaimed indie singer-songwriter Matt Costa’s newest film project Katabatic Flight — created in collaboration with Roark, Vero Watches, and Danner Boots — is out April 28. The film’s official score — produced and written by Matt himself — is also being released via all DSPs, in accompaniment with the film’s release.

In Matt’s own words, the film is described as such: “Matthew James, athlete and pilot, descends into Death Valley on the path of the Katabatic winds. We take flight and uncover a new relationship with time and our relationship to the primordial. The laws of nature suggest the destination. Learning that when you harness the wind we do not capture it, instead it must become our guide. I’m thrilled to share the Katabatic Flight in documentation on film and in song.”

The film’s official description reads: A katabatic wind, named from the Greek word κατάβασις or katabasis meaning “descending,” is a drainage wind, a wind that carries high-density air from a higher elevation down a slope under the force of gravity.

This is a film by the artist Matt Costa, in partnership with VERO Watch Company, Danner Boots, and Roark, about pilot Matthew James Hetherington. In the past, Matthew James was an Olympic field hockey coach, traveling the world. The film will focus on his current self drive to explore, improve himself and help others.

The film is also Matt Costa’s story, his investigation of past, present and future converging in a meditation of flight. In Katabatic Flight, filmmaker Matt Costa follows Matthew James from ten thousand feet above, traversing deserts, mountains and ocean. With a birds eye view of the landscapes, we explore what it means to be faced with life’s obstacles and how we can help one another and learn from different life experiences. From the desolation of Death Valley to to the runway in the sky along California’s Channel Islands, Matt Costa dives into the Nature of time and how we spend it.

Directed and scored by Matt Costa, shot in a combination of classic 16mm film and on a modern high resolution RED camera, the film follows Matt Costa as he interviews Matthew James Hetherington, asking questions about how he motivates himself and others.

In anticipation of the LP he is presently working on alongside his work in film, Matt Costa also has a handful of live dates lined up for later this year.

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