‘comfortable – voice memo’ by Ashlynn Malia | New EP, ‘navigating galaxies’

Uncategorized February 15, 2023

‘comfortable – voice memo’ by Ashlynn Malia | New EP, ‘navigating galaxies’

Exclusive video premiere of ‘comfortable – voice memo’ by Ashlynn Malia, taken from her upcoming EP, ‘navigating galaxies,’ out March 21st via Inkind/The Orchard.

The single is raw and only includes Ashlynn’s haunting vocals accompanied by a single instrument, all to illustrate the initial and unabridged steps of her songwriting process. Connection with her listeners is what Ashlynn is striving for in her upcoming EP, which will be made up of a collection of voice memos, and ‘comfortable – voice memo’ proves its off to beautiful beginnings.

Of her latest single and the new EP, Ashlynn wrote: “It’s never fun to feel like your pain is the new normal in a relationship, and no matter how many times you hope it will change, or you ASK for it to change, the other person doesn’t seem to have a problem coasting over your very valid feelings. It’s like you’ve expressed yourself so many times that it no longer has an impact. That’s where this song is coming from.

What I care about most when it comes to music is connection. I write about connection and I write to connect with people. I think that’s why releasing something as vulnerable as a collection of voice memos appeals to me (and also lowkey scares the shit out of me). If I’m honest about the things that I struggle with or think about, it might make someone who stumbles across my work less alone and maybe even excited that someone else shares the same thoughts they don’t always feel safe enough to talk about.

The whole release strategy of this EP is taking a more personal route. Reaching out to my audience organically through TikToks that aren’t too ‘polished’ or perfect. More tearing down that wall between artist and consumer and inviting the people who give their time to listen to me into my mind and my process.”

Los Angeles based singer songwriter Ashlynn Malia provides a portal to her inner world through the music she creates. Using songwriting as a way to understand how her own mind works, Ashlynn Malia is a multi-faceted artist with an unparalleled vocal range and a captivating stage presence. She is inspired by artists such as Lorde and FKA Twigs, and sets herself apart with her deeply personal and honest storytelling through her music.

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