‘A Simple Task’ by Fix Everything | EP Premiere

Uncategorized November 29, 2022

‘A Simple Task’ by Fix Everything | EP Premiere

Exclusive EP premiere of ‘A Simple Task’ by Fix Everything, out December 1st via Geertruida.

One year after their debut LP ‘Hellend vlak,’ Fix Everything returns with their third release to date: ‘A Simple Task EP’. Leaning more toward their sludge metal and hardcore inspirations, this new EP marks a development in the Amsterdam trio’s sound: the guitars are tuned down, the drums are bigger and the vocals are wilder.

In a 14-minute firestorm, short vignettes evoke various characters and scenes inspired by the moods of 2020 and 2021, the trainwreck years in which the EP was written. A cynical politician promises a bright future, a morose paramour sighs in resignation, a champagne glass is raised bitterly to a little laptop camera. These 5 tracks are also released physically as a bright yellow cassette, accompanied by a modular gabber remix and a slew of the band’s signature handmade merchandise, including gold and silver chains, custom screenprinted banker shirts, lovingly embroidered sweatshirts and more.

Headline photo: Robin Alysha Clemens

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