‘Vol. 4: Dashed Hopes and Good Intentions’ by The Subteens | Album Premiere

Uncategorized October 10, 2022

‘Vol. 4: Dashed Hopes and Good Intentions’ by The Subteens | Album Premiere

Exclusive album premiere of ‘Vol. 4: Dashed Hopes and Good Intentions’ by Memphis underground legends The Subteens, out October 14, 2022 via Back to the Light Records.

After 25+ years on the Memphis music landscape, The Subteens (Mark Akin, John Bonds, and Jay Hines) are regarded by many as underground local legends. Forming in the fall of 1995, the group quickly evolved into a unit who could consistently write irresistible “trash-pop” nuggets, performing them at raucous, frenzied live shows. During a time when many bands took themselves way too seriously, The Subteens arrived on the scene to have fun.

After extensive touring and the release of two rock-solid albums (‘Burn Your Cardigan’, ‘So That’s What the Kids Are Calling It’ …), the band imploded for various reasons in 2004. Only a handful of reunion shows have followed, including a 20-year anniversary performance at The Levitt (Overton Park) Shell in 2015.

Now The Subteens are back with their long-anticipated follow-up. Produced by J.D. Reager for Back to the Light Records, ‘Vol. 4: Dashed Hopes and Good Intentions’ is the band’s first new collection of songs in 18 years.

It’s 11 more two-and-a-half-minute blasts of sonic candy, just the way you like it: loud, fast and catchy-as-hell.

The Subteens Official Website / Facebook / Instagram / Bandcamp
Back to the Light Records Official Website / Facebook / Bandcamp

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