‘Injection’ by LAWA | New Album, ‘Manipulation’

Uncategorized October 5, 2022

‘Injection’ by LAWA | New Album, ‘Manipulation’

Exclusive video premiere of ‘Injection’ by LAWA, taken from the upcoming album, ‘Manipulation’, out October 10th via Cineploit Records.

The duo of Austrian mega-synthesists Alain Leonard and Alex Wank access realms as yet unseen by human eyes. Expanding on their previous records’ diet of soundtrack-heavy electronics and percussive mayhem, ‘Manipulation’ and sister album ‘Instrumentalization’ dive headfirst into the deep end of techno darkness, taking the listener on a one-way trip into unknown dimensions of industrial, malevolent horror.

‘Injection’ is a ritual trip full of hypnotic medieval techno beats that will haunt you for days.

‘Manipulation’ and its sister record ‘Instrumentalization’ will be released separately on vinyl. ‘Manipulation’ in October 2022, ‘Instrumentalisation’ beginning in 2023. There will be a CD version with both albums on one CD, this will be released as an CD Edition with a different, combined artwork and the vinyl version of ‘Instrumentalization’ will be equipped with that CD. The CD Version will have a different track order and there will always be an Interlude connecting the tracks which means the music will never stop.

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‘Konstrukt/Yaogoai’ by LAWA (Alain Leonard/Alex Wank) | New Album, ‘Manipulation’

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