Send Medicine – ‘Mata Hari Honey’ (2022)

Uncategorized August 4, 2022

Send Medicine – ‘Mata Hari Honey’ (2022)

Send Medicine are on the scene with their newest outing ‘Mata Hari Honey’, a low-keyed, delightfully meandering hazed adventure that flows effortlessly, filled with sonic harmonic presentations meant to delight those seeking trouble-free intoxicating couchbound splendor.

Each of the numbers found here comes across with remarkable fluidity, like those circular ripples from a stone tossed into a lake, one set of ripples ebbing into another, over and over again until it’s absolutely impossible to discern where one begins and the other ends. Mata Hari Honey is a light handed affair that will reach in to sanctify your soul, an album that’s impossible to overstay its welcome, a stoner’s conversation set to music that will expand your mind while showing you musical intonations you’ve heretofore never dreamed of … a simple west coast raga of psychedelic wanderlust.

There’s a grace and playfulness to hearing Send Medicine lay out their hushed vocals, deeply considered time-slip fuzzed guitars, along with an evenhanded piano that stands as a counterbalance, filling each track with romantic modulations that move from the historic presence of the mid 1960’s right into the here and now without missing a beat. The single ‘Checking In’ sets the tenor for this outing, a wanderlust of splendor, a double entendre of sorts that I’ll leave you to figure out, yet when the song makes itself known, you’ll exhale with a welcomed sense of where these harbingers of dream-pop and neo-psychedelic delight are taking you.

As always, when all is said and done, Send Medicine gets around to answering the age old question, “Can fantasy become reality?” Musically, all of the numbers are sonic excursions, marvels of atmospheric breathless wayfaring liberation that deliver an upturned smile with each listen.

Very Very Late Night Music …

Jenell Kesler

Send Medicine – ‘Mata Hari Honey’ (2022)

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