‘Prison Goat’ by Beyond The Breath Of Grace | “Psychedelic Spaghetti Western”

Uncategorized June 11, 2021

‘Prison Goat’ by Beyond The Breath Of Grace | “Psychedelic Spaghetti Western”

Berlin-based spaghetti western suite Beyond The Breath Of Grace is back with a new cinematic single ‘Prison Goat’. A guitar-driven gunslinger blend of desert hooks and evolving shimmering soundscapes.

The title of the song was inspired by a passage in Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s novel “The House Of The Dead”. In this story, a goat breaks into a Siberian prison camp and wins the hearts of all inmates. For a brief window of time, the animal provides a playful glimmer of joviality amongst the bleakest of men. A gentle reminder that small intrusions can bring out the best qualities in people.

Beyond The Breath of Grace was formed by songwriter Andreas Miranda while undergoing chemotherapy in his hometown Brussels. The goal was to offer gentle yet strong melodies of hope in the midst of desolate landscapes. Initially inspired by Morricone-like galloping rhythms, BTBOG returns with a more level-headed pace. One that opens up windows of contemplation. This sense of scenic reflection was captured by video maker and “Psychic Love Child” drummer Matthew Posey.

‘Prison Goat’ was recorded in the legendary Funkhaus Studio in East Berlin and provides a new blend of dreamy guitar melodies and introspective sceneries. It was recorded and mixed by Miche Moreno and features Fred Sunesen on Keyboards and percussion.

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