‘Million Watts Electrified’ by The Lords Of Altamont | New Album ‘Tune In, Turn on, Electrify!’

Uncategorized June 29, 2021

‘Million Watts Electrified’ by The Lords Of Altamont | New Album ‘Tune In, Turn on, Electrify!’

‘Million Watts Electrified’ is The Lords Of Altamont 3rd single, taken from the upcoming brand new album ‘Tune In, Turn On, Electrify!’. The release will see the light July 9th via Heavy Psych Sounds.

Another wild ride with the Lords Of Altamont on Heavy Psych Sounds. What do you get when Spencer Davis Group and Hawkwind meet in a room…The Lords Of Altamont’s newest single from the hit album, ‘Tune In, Turn on, Electrify!’.

This 7th chapter of the Lords body of work strikes with an unapologetic conviction built up from 22 years of soul seasoning and nonstop rock action, fine tuning their iconic fuel injected sound.

Recorded during a worldwide pandemic with members across the globe, this album is not only an experiment in creativity but also a testament to the Lords brotherhood, dedication to “the old ways” and paying homage to their sonic forefathers.

‘Tune In, Turn On, Electrify!’ takes a ride through the mental landscape of these four musicians: thrusting raw, aggressive garage punk in your face, then flips the script inviting you on elaborate psychedelic trips. Get kicked in the teeth with ‘We’ll Never Leave (This World Alive)’, fight the demons in your head with ‘Mud’, then come down easy with ‘Soul In Flames’.

Formed in 1999, the Lords of Altamont, having gone through multiple line ups over the years, retain loyalty to their garage punk roots while evolving into heavier grooves. Never compromising that unmistakable Lords attitude, Dani, Rob and Barry having earned their colors tenfold, bring a gritty collective of experience and talent to join Jake on this journey of no-nonsense auditory exploits.

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