‘In Is Out’ by The Tin Can Collective

April 29, 2021

‘In Is Out’ by The Tin Can Collective

Exclusive video premiere of ‘In Is Out’ by The Tin Can Collective.

The Tin Can Collective is a Long Island based band set to release their fourth album, ‘Axiomatic Alarm Clock’ on July 16th 2021. A little folk, a little punk, and always earnest, the band is considered a “band’s band” because of their cult following and chaotic live shows.

‘Axiomatic Alarm Clock’ explores the struggle to find meaning in a 40 hour workweek. It’s blue collar, relatable, just the right amount of angry. ‘In Is Out’ is the first single off the album and a great way to get to know your new favorite band from Long Island.

The accompanying video is trippy and dizzying- a lot like working your face off at a job you hate and coming home from work with a fully melted brain.

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