Kramp – ‘Nervous Rattles’ (2020)

March 8, 2021

Kramp – ‘Nervous Rattles’ (2020)

‘Nervous Rattles’ is the vinyl debut of Kramp. It’s only a one-sided album, but this format feels like it perfectly matches the music.

Like at noise concerts: a longer concert almost never makes a better concert. Two and half hour of Bruce Springsteen? No, thank you, mam. Like Peter Rehberg says: “Who wants to listen to this kind of stuff for longer than 20 minutes anyway?”. But about Kramp: the album starts with a loop of…yeah…of what? A slowed down piece of conversation? I don’t know. But it works. It’s creepy, strange, hypnotising music. Then follows a voodoo mantra that could be Skaters circa 2005, or early Bear Bones, Lay Low, or even Sunroof! in a drunk mood (is there another Sunroof anyway?).


Next is gets more esoteric. Think Robert Thurman, think Aaron Dilloway ‘Modern Jester’ era. Now stop thinking. Please stop thinking. Thank you. The final track is a guitar piece. This could be Ignatz around ‘Addiction For Slumber’. Very nice indeed.

Oh what a great mini-album this is.

Joeri Bruyninckx

Kramp – ‘Nervous Rattles’ (Kraak 2020)


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