‘Everybody Likes You’ by Harpooner

February 18, 2021

‘Everybody Likes You’ by Harpooner

Exclusive video premiere of ‘Everybody Likes You’ by rising pop chamber act Harpooner.

Ahead of his much-anticipated sophomore album ‘In Two Minds’, released through Nashville independent label Cold Lunch Recordings in Summer 2021, rising pop chamber act Harpooner (Scott Schmadeke) releases the music video for his latest single ‘Everybody Likes You.’

Taking on the topic of everyday privilege, Harpooner and co. mourn with selfie sticks in hand and are led in a carefree frolic by their presumed cult leader, Schmadeke himself.

Harpooner by Citizen Kane Wayne

Discussing ‘Everybody Likes You’ Schmadeke shared, “Simple preferential treatment is displayed in the carrying-on of life, where it often remains undiscussed. This treatment not only restricts the marginalized among us but also propels the advantaged. Complacency resounds with the chorus [‘it’s so easy to get by, when you don’t even have to try’] and asks the listener to observe privilege plainly.


A musician who sees music as a vehicle for social healing, Schmadeke added he hopes that collective artistic movements “bring us closer to attaining beauty, making it richer, more accessible, more generous.

Harpooner by Citizen Kane Wayne

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