‘Two Is The Deal’ by Heavy Whipped Cream

March 12, 2020

‘Two Is The Deal’ by Heavy Whipped Cream

Video premiere of ‘Two Is The Deal’ by a psychedelic sixties inspired folk rock band from the Netherlands, Heavy Whipped Cream!


‘Two Is The Deal’ is taken from the forthcoming EP ‘A Mouthful’, to be released in May 2020. This energetic folk-rock song takes you on a trip around the world in little more than three minutes – covering decadent cocaine parties, the horrors of climate change and the birds ‘n’ the bees along the way. This mini-album forms a psychedelic brew of melodic, harmony-rich sixties pop and raucous rock ‘n’ soul.

Edited by Thomas van Gaalen.
Camera by Bonnie van Vugt.

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