‘Darkness Falls’ by Golden Dawn Arkestra

August 23, 2019

‘Darkness Falls’ by Golden Dawn Arkestra

The Golden Dawn Arkestra is a critically lauded collective of musicians and dancers who summon deep grooves and cinematic textures through the use of horns, percussion, synths, vibes, and theremin.

“‘Darkness Falls’ came about organically out of a backyard shack jam. It is the most afro-beat song on the album, drawing heavy influences from late 60s jazz stylings as well. The song speaks to the dire times we are living through. ‘Darkness falls on the edge of time / We bring light for to lead you home / Enter here, don’t abandon hope / Step inside we will warm your soul.” – Zapot Mgawi

Golden Dawn Arkestra 2019 (photo by Daniel Patlan)

On October 11, Golden Dawn Arkestra will release their third full length album—Darkness Falls on the Edge of Time—via 11A Records. As its title suggests, the album explores the apocalypse and existential emergency we now find ourselves living through.

Darkness Falls on the Edge of Time is available to pre-order at Bandcamp.

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