‘Strange Nights In Hive Town’ by Joe James Boyle

May 28, 2019

‘Strange Nights In Hive Town’ by Joe James Boyle

Snowhite in collaboration with Rough Trade / Good To Go are releasing the album Nights Have No Meaning In This Game of London/Berlin artist Joe James Boyle on 14th of June. The first single from the album confirms the London-born and now Berlin-resident Joe James Boyle as a storyteller with an arresting voice and unique lyrics that command attention.

With its sparse arrangement, “Strange Nights In Hive Town” places Joe James Boyle’s voice front and centre, conveying a vulnerability that pulls you into his world. His world is of someone walking the streets alone after hours. We hear of romantic reminiscences, trivial anecdotes, absurd visions and finally, a desperate plea for a better future to escape ‘the stress of hive town world’. By the song’s transcendent finale, the earlier futile indifference to despair gives way to a redemptive faith in the next day, Boyle crooning, ‘Hey now, now, don’t worry how, now.’

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