‘Anunnaki’ by Mystical Communication Service

April 26, 2019

‘Anunnaki’ by Mystical Communication Service

Mystical Communication Service are back! After a Hiatus of over two and a half years caused by a near death experience, the band now reformed ‘trio’ continue making music and with their chameleon-like reinvention surprise its fans once again with a new sound, new energy, and a fresh outlook.

‘Anunnaki’ is an invocation of the ancient Sumerian deities, the song calls for the ancient gods with its electronic perspective, asking to be imparted with a breath of knowledge. The video is conceived by visual artist Atom Edon and this first single anticipates the fourth album due to released later this year in digital through their bandcamp. Join the band with its renewed journey into music, love, and good vibrations; make sure to not miss the chance to check out Mystical Communication Service live next time they are in a city near you.

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