Atomic Vulture – “Stone Of The Fifth Sun” (2018) review

August 2, 2018

Atomic Vulture – “Stone Of The Fifth Sun” (2018) review

Atomic Vulture – Stone of the Fifth Sun (2018)
Hey, guys, it’s me again, TC Mayhem, bringing you another review; a review of an instrumental group named Atomic Vulture. This Belgian trio churns out riff after riff of sweet stoner space rock. Their newest album, released this past May, is called Stone Of The Fifth Sun, and it is 5 tracks of swirling, atmospheric, and heavy riffing awesomeness.

The track named “Wind” is full of what this band does best, and that is taking the listener on a journey into sound. For almost 7 minutes you will be absorbed by what you are listening to. The first part of this song is a heavy stoner rock riff fest, and it sounds amazing in my headphones. Towards the middle of the song they slow it down, with a slow groove, and space-y guitars, taking you into the sky of a planet far from earth; taking you higher and higher, further into their world. It is an amazing, heady section, before the guitars come back in with a heavy riff to end this incredible track. 
“Rain” has some pretty incredible vocals, and a killer vibe; one full of swagger, and hard rock power. I really love how the song is put together, and the riffs are fantastic. This is a really cool tune, and having some vocals really shows what the band is capable of.
“Water” starts off with a really nice, slower groove, and some atmospheric guitars. The track builds momentum, and a really bad ass, heavier riff comes in and takes is on a really groovy riff. Eventually it slows back down, and the bass and drums take over; allowing the guitars to add space-y pieces to this song. I really dig the tone of the bass, it’s really fat, and sits well in the mix.
The other tracks on “Stone Of The Fifth Sun” are of the same elements as the ones I discussed here, and mane for one kick ass album. I urge you all to go check out this extremely talented band!!
– Tom Hanno
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  1. The Triumph of the Thrill

    Fine review, nice to know another Stoner group, can never go wrong with one.

  2. Anonymous

    Great recommendation and review. Digging this album. Keep ‘em coming!

  3. Tom Maene

    Finally available on vinyl!! Check out www.polderrecords.be and sign up for our news letter.
    Pre-sales starts on December 1st 2018, and there are some nice limited coloured editions!

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