Morels – “Drift” (2017) review

August 24, 2017

Morels – “Drift” (2017) review

MorelsDrift (2017)
Stepping out from behind the hazy blue smoke curtain and dripping orange sky of his tripped out band Bad Liquor Pond, Dave Gibson heads straight into the intoxication of sunlight, where Morels’ first album Drift ebbs and flows, awash in warm breezy layered blissful stoner nods of light-handed delight.

Drift comes off as a half forgotten atmospheric memory that seems to exist just out of reach, yet drawing you in more deeply with each note, with chords that are strung together with an effortless emancipation, taking you someplace you’re sure you’ve been before, where the language customs colours and emotions are second nature, where an almost embarrassing sense of joy sweeps over you as you thrust your hands deeply into your pockets with the recognition of this place and all the memories it holds coming into clear focus, and you realize that this is the place you’ve wanted to be for so long, yet now that you’re here, you know that there’s going to be a shimmer, and in that instant all of this will simply be the memory you’ve been trying to capture all over again.
Drift is enticingly comfortable, richly layered, sonically sound, delivered without pretense, with surefooted structures, gentle vocals and guitar meanderings that don’t consume, but leave space for visions to imaginatively play out across the backs of your eyelids … and the best part of this low-keyed psychedelic dream-pop album is that you get to slip back down the rabbit hole anytime you wish.
*** The Fun Facts: Morels are a wild eatable mushroom with a distinctive honeycomb appearance that are difficult to cultivate and are hight prized by gourmet cooks around the world.
– Jenell Kesler
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