Mythic Sunship – ‘Ouroboros’ (2016)

June 5, 2016

Mythic Sunship – ‘Ouroboros’ (2016)

This Danish quartet deliver three massive instrumental head pounders that will drive you mental, alright, particular if you’re attracted to dueling fuzz flameouts, pile-driving bass, and maniacal skin pounding.

But don’t right it off as “stoner rock” and head for the bongs just yet. These guys have tonnes of tuneage, tasteful solos, and creative energies that make them more than just another Sabbath tribute band. ‘Ophidian Rising’ jumps out of your speakers to grab your senses by the throats and minds and rattle those easy-listening cobwebs out of your attic, while ‘Year of The Serpent’ appropriately serpentines its way into your synapses with some righteously hypnotic throbbing guitar lines, a la Spacemen 3 at their trance-inducing “peak” (if you catch my drift!)

The 20+ minute ‘Leviathan’ begins with a trousers-shitting “voice” admonishing us to [something approximating] “wise up”, while ominous mushroom cloud-like formations of buzzing guitars, live-wire electronics, and tribal skin pounding release the beast into a haze of wall-rattling rhythms that’ll convince your neighbours you’re orchestrating some kind of demonic musical séance to conjure every heavy metal stringbender who’s left this plane of existence for that great gig in the sky. It’s a good thing they’ve crammed everything into one side-long track, because once the hum pins you to your chair, you’ll be paralysed from getting up to turn this muthah fuckah over and start the whole trip all over again. Whew!

Jeff Penczak

Mythic Sunship – ‘Ouroboros’ (LP on El Paraiso Records/13 May, 2016)

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