Luna – ‘Long Players (92-99)’ (2015)

December 11, 2015

Luna – ‘Long Players (92-99)’ (2015)

There are those of us who want the vinyl period, we make on excuses for this … quality vinyl on a good stereo system presents rewarding results. It’s also worth noting that several of the Luna albums were never released on vinyl, and the copies that were issued vary in quality to say the least.

This is a fine limited edition [2000 copies worldwide] of dream-pop pressed on six white 150 gram vinyl albums [each album is presented here with its original sleeve, including a separate album of rare tracks and B sides] along with a more than substantial book containing not only the history of Luna, but little know backstories, along with scores of poster images, backstage passes, press photos, bios, and much much more. Even if, like me, you already own all of the vinyl, this is a must have, as the sound quality is far superior, and the presentation is top shelf and dynamic, exactly what you’d dream of for a set of this nature.

Luna has always been steeped with sinewy guitars, shimmering textures and bracing punchy new edges. Returning here with a brilliant boxed set, Luna has become one of the most celebrated bands in the alternative arena, collecting reams of glowing press and strong showings on both the charts and on the road; with their 2015 reunion tour being the ticket of the year. Gathered together here in one collection, you’re treated Dean Wareham, Justin Harwood, Sean Eden and drummer Lee Wall creating atmospheric textures, washes of reverb, and profound layerings that are beholding to no other band walking the planet. Mix these effects with the rye smiled silly creepiness of Wareham’s lyrics and you’ll come to understand what makes this band so special. Yeah … it’s all like falling asleep in a parked car, the sun warming the air with dreams that are dancing in your half-baked sleepy head.

At $100US for this housed collection you’re getting a bargain to say the least. Once these units have been sold, each of the single albums will be reissued separately on 150 gram black vinyl … so for my money, this package is the way to go.

Good luck on scoring a copy.

– Jenell Kesler

Luna – ‘Long Players (92-99)’ (Captured Tracks, 2015)

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