Föllakzoid – ‘Föllakzoid’ (2009)

May 22, 2015

Föllakzoid – ‘Föllakzoid’ (2009)

Föllakzoid are nearly unparalleled in the hypnotic lysergic drenched neo-psychedelic experience.

The band do several things that other bands traveling this course fail to achieve, first there is a sense of restraint, in that the band’s members have managed to keep their egos in check, and thus seeing the music as a whole, as a continuum, devoid from soaring solos that do little for the atmosphere they’re creating. Secondly there is a more than delicate interplay of concepts and designs, where they’ve calculated the listener’s space, filled that space to the point of drowning, and then seem to pull back before the ceiling is floated away.


The final aspect for you consideration is the sound quality. Their numbers are tight, seeming to be more of a recipe than a musical script, with every element is carefully dropped into the mix, where these elements evolve, morph, and take on second and third characteristics of luscious dimensions and haunting dreamscapes … at times light and airy, and at times as inwardly heavy as you can imagine [think Moon Duo meets Hawkwind].

Listening requirements: Stereo, Couch, and a Ceiling to wander off into, with the company of a Good Friend …

– Jenell Kesler

Föllakzoid – Föllakzoid (Blow Your Mind, 2009)

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