Hot Knives – Hot Knives (2014) review

October 16, 2014

Hot Knives – Hot Knives (2014) review

Hot Knives “Hot Knives”  (Got Kinda Lost Records {Limited
Edition Bonus Pack}, 2014)
   Got Kinda Lost Records recently released a very well crafted
release full of details and with an incredible liner notes about a less known
folk-rock / power pop combo from San Francisco. In their time they only
released two singles, but some time ago a friend label (Grown Up Wrong! Records) of
aforementioned Got Kinda Lost Records found and prepared a CD release of Hot
Knives’ complete recorded works, which was discovered through an interview of
one of their members.
   Hot Knives were a bit too late to catch original hippie
train. Formation took place in San Francisco around 1972. Two singles were
pressed, leaving a whole lot of material behind, buried for years to come.
Their sound was influenced by early folk groups and later by lysergic West
coast bands like Moby Grape. The band consists of co-vocalists Michael and
Debra Houpt – brother and sister originally coming from New Town, Pennsylvania, where
they were influenced by folk groups like Peter, Paul & Mary and others.
   In 1969 duo moved to San Francisco, where Houpt first came
in contact with “Flamin’ Groovies” and when ’70s arrived Tim Lynch
(guitar/vocals) and Danny Mihm (drums) of “Flamin Groovies” joined
Houpt brother & sister and with addition of incredible bass player, Ed
Wilson the band was formed and material started popping out, but only two
singles were originally released, which are both included here. What we have on
this compilation is a whole bunch of pretty intense material, which is mostly
credited to Michael Houpt. People would say this is just another band,
that were too late to be part of original “West coast sound” and are
probably quite mediocre, but that’s far from the truth.
   Hot Knives had members, whose influences and experiences
varied and the result were Moby Grape/Jefferson Airplane inspired band with
quite strange guitar work and absolutely crazy drumming, over the top there are
vocals, which are perhaps the most prominent like Lynch once stated. I would
say, there is something more to this songs, which I really can’t describe with
words. It’s like major ’60s characterized sound spiced with ’70s and at times
it also resembles to another lost psychedelic classic – Inside The Shadow by
Anonymous. Got Kinda Lost Records also prepared a special limited edition vinyl
bonus pack, which includes three 1.5″ custom-made buttons in
custom-packaging, and professionally-produced reproductions of original promo
photos and flyers. I sometimes wonder when there will be a point where quality
lost material won’t see the light. That day might come, but not with Hot Knives
release, not even close. I’m positively impressed by the strong material and
have to give good points to Jeremy Cargill for his devotion and professional work
on this vinyl release. Things like this keep us music freaks busy.
Review made by Klemen Breznikar/2014
© Copyright http://psychedelicbaby.blogspot.com/2014
  1. hot knife

    Very happy to hear that you enjoyed the music!

  2. Jim Parrett

    Great album that slowly draws you in. Catchy as hell and rocks, too.

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