Trouble interview with Rick Wartell

April 1, 2013

Trouble interview with Rick Wartell

In late 70s heavy metal
was getting faster and faster. Not many bands played slow and heavy, there were
only a few exceptions like “Saint Vitus” or in our case; “Trouble”. Their
influences came mostly from Black Sabbath and similar acts. They decided to play
»metal« with different approach. Unfortunately they didn’t achieved big
commercial success, but their fans stayed loyal and after all this years and
some lineup changes they are still alive and well recording their long awaited
album. More in the following interview with Rick Wartell, the guitarist of the
I’m hoping we can talk
about some of the early years of “Trouble”. Were you or other
original members in any other bands before getting together? Are there any
demo’s from that time?
When Trouble formed, I
had not been in any other bands at that point. Bruce, Oly, and Eric came from
cover bands.  There have been some
pressings of our demos, namely Demos and Rarities Vol. 1 & 2.
Lately so many people are
categorizing music. Did you saw yourself as a doom metal band back then?

We considered ourselves a
metal band. Back then, there really wasn’t as much labeling of music or all the
different categories that exist today. 
What were some of the
less known influences beyond the most obvious one; Black Sabbath?
Influences?  Judas Priest, UFO, Montrose, Deep Purple,
just to name a few.
How was the scene in
Chicago back then? Where did you play and how was the reception?
The metal scene was more
underground, and we rarely played out but when we did, we were very well
received and grew a very good fan base. Once we released our debut, obviously
the base grew.  We’re really fortunate
that we still have that same, loyal fan base all of these years later.  And it’s really cool to hear from people who
are new to our music as well.
“Psalm 9” is
your most well known album. Would you like to tell us what are some of the
strongest memories from recording and producing that LP? Can you tell us also a
bit more about the concept you had in mind and the song writing process?

We recorded the release
in a week including mixes. We stayed in the studio pretty much the entire time.
It was new to us and we were very enthusiastic. There was no automation and we
would all be assigned faders during the mix. This was a very funny sight to see
6 guys all working the board at the same time.
We rehearsed 5 days a
week and wrote the rest 2 albums before we went in to record.
How do you see the scene
these days? More and more people are attracted to music of Electric Wizard and
similar “doom” bands. Do you like what is going on right now? Any
favorite bands?
Sure. I think its great
that people are getting into this style more and more. It has a feel of its own
that is different than typical metal. 
There is a lot of cool music out there these days, but my focus has been
on finishing our album and everything that goes along with it.  It can really take on a life of it’s own and
this one will be well worth it.
The lineup changed during
the years and I was wondering how satisfied are you with current lineup What
are some future plans for you?
I am most happy with this
lineup. Everyone works well together and there is a lot of talent in the band. We’re really looking forward to releasing the new album and will be playing
some shows and festivals.  We’ll
definitely record more material for future releases.
Your upcoming album is
taking quite a long time now and with addition of Kyle to the band we are
really interested how it will sound. Can you tell a bit more about this?
Kyle is awesome!  He can sing anything we throw at him. He has
an amazing range and a huge powerful voice. His lyrics have been most
impressive as well and they really compliment our music. He’s a total pro with
a great work ethic.  A perfect fit! And I
think the Trouble fans will agree once they hear him.
Thanks a lot guys! Wish
you all the best! Would you like to send a message to your fans and to readers
of It’s Psychedelic Baby Magazine?

We’d like to thank
everyone for the many years of support. 
We’re really excited to get the new album out and can’t wait to see all
of you in person soon…
http://newtrouble.com  (our new website is in the works)
Interview made by Klemen
© Copyright
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