Electric Stars present Sonic Candy Soul

October 3, 2011

Electric Stars present Sonic Candy Soul

THE ELECTRIC STARS were formed 12 months ago from the remnants of 3 local Manchester bands! They all had a common love of late 60’s early 70’s Rock n Roll.. Bands such as The Stones, Velvets, Pink Floyd, Stooges, Who, Hendrix & Pretty things. After choosing the tracks that were going to go on the album the band went into the Famous Vibe Studios in Manchester (used by Stone Roses & New Order). They were working with the Hot Production team of Martin Coogan (mock turtles) & Yves Altana (chameleons & i am kloot). The band were in the studio on and off for 12 months to record, mix & master ‘Sonic Candy Soul’…Also singing backing vocals is Denise Johnson from Primal Scream!
                                  “We wanted to make a record that captured everything about that golden period of Rock n Roll, 1968 – 1973, but still sounded relevant for todays music lover! As well as lots of Retro influences, THE ELECTRIC STARS have enough of a modern twist to appeal to fans of Kasabian, The Dandy Warhols & Beady eye! From a writing perspective we were looking to the likes of Early Bowie & late period Beatles, as well as more underground vibes like The 13th floor Elevators & Flamin Groovies!”
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  1. Yves Altana

    "...the Hot Production team of Martin Coogan & Yves Altana"?
    Nice one...

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