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Synästhesie 2018

8MM Bar’s fourth annual Synästhesie took place over the weekend of November 23 and 24th in the Kulturbrauerei in Berlin driven by hypnotic performances by Spiritualized (their first in Berlin in 15 years), The Soft Moon, and Berlins own local legends-in-the-making Camera and Gewalt. 

The ambitious young festival tailored a seamless and inspiring lineup of 18 artists from 15 countries into a post punk krautrock master collection that has, over the last 16 years, become the 8MM collectives calling card. The festival attended to every moment of the weekend, with a relentless sonic/audio visual barrage of talent from start to finish. Throughout the weekend, the audience discovered an impeccably curated festival peppered with surprisingly gripping/powerful performances by the likes of Brooklyn’s Blac Rabbit and Tel Aviv’s Häxxan. Synästhesie has quickly grown to become Berlin’s premiere showcase representing a new generation of bands side by side with their heroes which inspired them. 

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