King Buffalo – “Longing To Be The Mountain” (2018) review

December 6, 2018

King Buffalo – “Longing To Be The Mountain” (2018) review

King Buffalo – Longing To Be The Mountain (Stickman Records, 2018)

Rochester, NY is home to many fine bands, from many genres as well. However, none have captivated me like King Buffalo does. This bands members are able to weave lush soundscapes, soundscapes that will fill your ears with wonderment, and with tranquility.

Their new album, Longing To Be The Mountain, is a worthy follow-up to this past January’s release, Repeater. The band has been awesome enough to have provided me for the Repeater code when it came out, which I subsequently reviewed, and now for this new release. Thank you, King Buffalo, for the codes, and the stellar jams. “Quickening” is my favorite of this album’s 6 tracks, with its infectious guitar parts, a great vocal melody, and a solid rhythm section. These guitar parts seem to squirm and wiggle their way into your subconscious, in the most incredible way possible; and the heavier riffs sound so much larger because of the psychedelic leanings of the rest of the song. This track is amazing from start to finish!! “Sun Shivers” was another one that seemed to really grab me. This has many of the same elements as “Quickening” does, and is equally memorable. The vocal melody, and performance, is excellently done; Sean McVay is an extremely talented singer/guitarist. The bass guitar sounds great in this one, a perfect part, played perfectly. “Cosmonaut” is another prime example of the King Buffalo sound. I love the main riff during the verse parts, but it’s the tone of the chorus that really moves me; it’s just large, and great sounding. More incredible performances by all the bands members, and that makes for great sounding music; half assing it in the studio is something this group can never be accused of. 
Longing To Be The Mountain is a fantastic record, and, if you have liked anything this band had done, then you must own this as well. Great tunes from start to finish, and overall a great album from a great band!

– Tom Hanno
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