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Four of the Best Games for Psychedelic Film Fans

‘Psychedelic’ is an interesting word. It means ‘mind manifesting’, and is usually associated with the zany, strange, and out of this world. An art, music, and even movie genre all of its own, it’s intended to leave your brain feeling wonderfully warped. And now it’s come to the gaming sphere, too. If you fancy some truly perception-altering play, here are four of the best games to check out.

Batman: Arkham Knight
If you haven’t gotten around to playing this series from Rocksteady Studio, you don’t know what you’ve been missing, and it’s definitely time to remedy your oversight. This particular escapade makes up the ultimate instalment in their magnificent trilogy, and it’s packed full of psychedelic scenes for you to enjoy. These start early on, when you track Scarecrow down to ACE Chemicals. With the Dark Knight quickly falling victim to the villain’s infamous fear toxin, an infection of the blood ensues: one that causes intense hallucinations and an array of strange and zany delusions. The graphics are next level, and so is the experience. You’ll never quite know whether what you’re seeing is real or not.

Candy Dreams
Is there anything quite as fantastical as the repetitive music and falling candy that characterizes slot game Candy Dreams? We’d argue the answer is ‘no’, and that the pink clouds and purple sky that make up the backdrop of this internet casino offering are suitably dream-like to deserve a place on this list. Helpfully accessible to anyone willing to put down a $1 deposit, it could be the perfect pick-me-up for when you’re feeling low. And, if you think this sounds too good to be true and are wondering ‘is Zodiac Casino a scam?’, we’re happy to assure you it’s not.

Lollipop Chainsaw
It seems there’s some link between candy and a little bit of craziness, because Lollipop Chainsaw also makes the psychedelic cut. Created with the input of director James Gunn, it shares much with the world of Batman, with heroine Juliet Starling being an almost carbon copy of Harley Quinn (she’s even voiced by the same actress). That said, it’s not another stint in Arkham Asylum Juliet’s avoiding, but a plague of zombies instead. Wielding the deadliest of weapons, the preppy cheerleader will lead you through a world of weird and wonderful scenarios, taking you to the most random and strangely psychedelic realms ever seen on your screen.

Bioshock Infinite
Last but not least, how about adding Bioshock Infinite to your list of out-of-this-world gaming experiences? As the final piece in its storied franchise, it’s no stranger to brain-bending sequences, but this is probably its trippiest offering yet. Making us question absolutely everything, from our ability to change to the limits of fate and destiny, it turns what initially seems like a retro-futuristic shooter into a head-scratching sci-fi thriller. Only play if you’re prepared to have your mind blown.
Tell us, the next time you fancy leaving reality behind, which of these four psychedelic picks will you be playing?

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