Purple Heart Parade – “The Room” premiere

August 7, 2018

Purple Heart Parade – “The Room” premiere

Manchester’s Purple Heart Parade are set to unleash their expansive second EP!
‘Lonestar EP’ is a sonic delight that revels in all things psychedelic, from 60s garage to 90s shoegaze, and recalls the likes of Spiritualized, Black Angels and Stone Roses. Reverb laden guitars are used to create an engulfing sea of feedback that washes over smooth melodies and slacker beats, while intense vocals are soaked in dreamlike effects that soar over effortless instrumentation.

It was recorded at Perry Vale Studios by Pat Collier (The Jesus and Mary Chain, X-Ray Spex) and conveys a number of personal themes from depression and grief to domestic violence. The band tells us; “We wear our hearts on our sleeve and pour that into our music. Everything is down to real experiences, real music about real life”. Yet alongside the depth of subject matter the release also contains a message of love, for one’s self and those around you.
It’s easy to hear the heart that has not only gone into each note but that encapsulates the bands entire ethos, none more than in lead single ‘Mission Hills’ which is about emotional distance in a relationship but also the loss of a close friend, a victim of the tragic Manchester Arena attack. It’s obvious here that the band don’t just capture the sound of their hometown but also carry a part of it with them in a very personal way.


  1. James Mudriczki

    Absolute quite band, sublime songs and early Verve feel, lovage mucho.

  2. The Triumph of the Thrill

    Nice to see Manchester still churning out the goods.

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