ivoryHAUS – “Clouds” (2018) review

August 21, 2018

ivoryHAUS – “Clouds” (2018) review

ivoryHAUS – Clouds (Self-released, 2018)
In preparation for his debut album, set to release on September 14th, the Philadelphia producer ivoryHAUS has dropped “Clouds.” An ethereal downtempo single, the track navigates a murky array of synths, delay-soaked keyboard, drums, and bass. It’s thick with synthetic acrobatics, but the whole soundscape could not feel smoother. Even the bridge—if you can use that jargon with this kind of chillwave EDM—is satisfying but verging on subliminal. The pings of a gyrating keyboard plunge right in front of us, almost without our knowing.

Given his academic and commercial background in music, the artist has turned to this new solo project as an outlet for personal expression—a place where all his influences and interests can convene sonically. Not only that, but his upcoming LP will have a philanthropic twist as well: 25% of all album sales will be going toward Save The Elephants. Music and charity at the same time? Not too shabby.
– Gabe Kahan
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