Sun Voyager – “Seismic Vibes” (2018) review

July 30, 2018

Sun Voyager – “Seismic Vibes” (2018) review

Sun Voyager – Seismic Vibes (2018)
Sun Voyager, a psychedelic fuzz band from the great state of New York, has an album out called Seismic Vibes. The 8 songs that make up this album are some of the best psych tunes that I have heard since Ruby the Hatchet unleashed Interplanetary Space Child upon us. These songs are catchy, fuzz laden, awesomeness, and I will give you some info on the best tracks in this review. 

The album begins with a song called “Trip”, and it gives the listener an excellent example of what this album is about. The psychedelic elements are strong, especially within the vocal work. The programming in the background only add to that feel, and are so well done; those programming elements are never overdone, never to loud, but are perfectly layered into the mix.
“Open Road” is my top pick on this album, mostly because the intro guitar, and keys, have a Doors influence to them. During the verses the guitars lay back, and allow the bass and drums to run the show. This creates an even more palpable Doors sound, and, being the huge Doors fan I am, I find this to be extremely appealing to the ear. Once again, the vocals add another layer of psych to the track, and help propel this song into the stratosphere!
“Harebrained” opens up with an almost punk rock feel, which is due to the guitars. This shows another element to the band, and is a very cool addition to this mullet album. The mid section of this one settles back into the psych sound that this band is known for, complete with space-y vocal work, and some sweet middle eastern influences. 
“Psychic Lords” has the coolest song title on the album, in my opinion. I get the impression that this band has done their homework on psychedelia, and honed their sound using those, and many other,  influences. This track is possibly the most psychedelically charged track here. 
Overall, this is a fantastic track from a phenomenal group of musicians. Them being from New York State is even better, because I am also located within the vastness of New York, so seeing a band do this type of music relatively close to me is inspiring! I urge you all to give this band a serious listen, because they are very worth your time! Enjoy!!
– Tom Hanno
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