Eric Frisch – “Water into Gold” (2018) review

July 4, 2018

Eric Frisch – “Water into Gold” (2018) review

Eric Frisch – Water into Gold (Self-released, 2018)
The Toronto-born singer/songwriter Eric Frisch just put out Water into Gold, a small release of three folk pop tunes. Now based in New York City, Frisch is well passed his first or second release. His sound relies heavily on tender vocal harmonies, calming high-hats, and simple finger-picking. Think James Taylor, but in 2018.

If you’re on the hunt for rudimentary but engaging acoustic pop, the title track is a great place to start. It channels the aesthetic of an aspiring New York musician to an almost puritanical degree. The accompanying music is excruciatingly quirky and innocent.
Onto “Just Look at Me Now” and “I Can’t Sing with a Broken Heart” and the mood takes a languid turn. Both tracks are love ballads with a tinge of predictability. Frisch’s voice is masterfully wholesome. But to what end? I’m left with a childlike sweetness—an afternoon at the doctor’s office as a kid, a field trip to the local zoo. Save for the abrupt change in the production’s fidelity in the final track, the lack of novelty is a bit frustrating.
When it comes to songwriting, Frisch’s is an expert. His lyrics and their irregular emphases leave me refreshed. But instrumentally, the artist could do with a hefty dose of breaking convention.
– Gabe Kahan
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