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Last Chance - “Claiming the Sky” (2018) review

Last Chance - Claiming the Sky (2018)

Just in time for summer Last Chance stopped by to personally deliver a copy of their fresh and intoxicating new album Claiming The Sky, a more than worthy followup to their last outings We Came To Play and Endless Flight.

It would be easy to wave Last Chance off as just one more in a series of folk music duos, though truth be told, they’re far more, deeply steeped in the joyous harmonic musical attitudes and melodies of the 60s, yet Jack and Ingrid bring something fresh and imaginative to the table on each album, allowing their songs to float forward in time without losing the historic resonances that make this genre so enticingly pleasant and romantic.

The pair maintain a delicate balance, capitalizing on the harmonies of intertwined male and female vocals, arranged in a manner that play not only off of each other, but with the music, remembering first and foremost, that folk music is supposed to be a great deal of fun. To that end, these two accomplished musicians deliver songs that fold into each other and then flower in their own right, making for a satisfying listen anytime your hands find their way to this beautifully presented gatefold package.

On a side note, if you’re able to catch these folks live, you’re in for a rare treat, they’re happy to engage the audience, and laid back enough to be more than approachable.

- Jenell Kesler
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