Kip Nelson – “Found Out” premiere

April 2, 2018

Kip Nelson – “Found Out” premiere

Kip Nelson is a fresh songwriter out of Santa Barbara making chilled out, indie-psych tunes. 

“Found Out is a track that started out as an experiment laying a 3/4 guitar rhythm over a 4/4 drum beat. For this song I tried to create a strong contrast between a downbeat/sad verse and a more upbeat and uplifting chorus. I tried reflecting this in both the chord structure and the lyrics. I was also going for a psychedelic vibe in the chorus, because the song itself is about a memory that’s abstract and hazy. 
The lyrics in particular are about a thought I had when I was biking out to go surfing- I was biking past an open field and I saw a rabbit get scooped up out of the field by a giant hawk, lunch meat. In SB there is a huge population of brown rabbits that live in the brush that are not native to the area. Rumor has it, the rabbit population originated from 100 white lab rabbits that were released from a UCSB lab by an animal rights group back in the 80’s. The population grew quickly, because you know, bunnies. But supposedly over time, the white bunny rabbits were slowly picked off by prey and natural selection favored the bunnies that blended in better with the brush/grass. Now the local rabbit population is 100% brown rabbits and there are tons of them. Still it didn’t matter for this brown rabbit who I saw get scooped up by the hawk even though he had the ‘favorable’ genetics from evolutionary perspective. 
I was thinking about this moment when I wrote the track- LOL. So all that being said, life can come down to a predator vs prey mindset. Personally, I often get caught up in my own thought processes and self consciousness, I can become my own prey. I think at times that I’d like it better if I had more of the ‘predator’ personality. It’s tricky, both have their advantages.”
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