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Thee Oh Sees - “Mutilator Defeated At Last” (2015) review

Thee Oh Sees - Mutilator Defeated At Last (Castle Face, 2015)

Lo-fi garage psych groovesters Thee Oh Sees album, Mutilator Defeated At Last will completely melt your mind--in a good way! The record hits the sweet spot from the get go and just sounds better with each repeated listening--and it boasts enhanced production values from the band’s earlier efforts and a tight rhythm section in Tim Hellman and Nick Murray.
Leader John Dwyer’s unfettered creative genius is also in full effect here--with hooks aplenty--from killer bass-driven opening track “Web” through album closer “Palace Doctor.” Along the way the Naked Raygun-esque “Withered Hand,” deliciously fractured fable “Poor Queen,” ‘60s-era-Who-inspired “Turned Out Light,” and Hendrix-gasm inducing “Lupine Ossuary” amaze and delight. But the sumptuously mellow “Sticky Hulks” is the mirror-cracked champion track.

- Sean Mageean
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stephan said...

I love this blog, and I love Thee Oh Sees just as much. Wished to have seen a more extensive review here, however maybe there will be more reviews of John Dwyer's work later down the line?

Keep up the good work IPBM!