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Scrambled Limbs - “Portmanteau” premiere

Lone musician playing classic inspired psych music recorded with far too little equipment, Scrambled Limbs is the sound of a multitude of influences, ranging from Genesis to Ty Segall, whisked together and curdled in a pan. Eponymous debut EP was released in 2016 and received some positive critical reception as well as being featured on a selection of compilations including The Active Listener, Psychgazer, Clean Nice Quiet, The Musical Junkie and Dayz of Purple and Orange.

New album Portmanteau is the culmination of a few years’ work, pieced together in the minutes and hours that came too few and far between. It is a vague concept album about living in a city where differences and similarities become blurred, where you lose your sense of identity and where opportunity is so tangible yet so difficult to grasp. Essentially, it attempts to tell the story of trying to find yourself and your pathway in life during your mid-twenties, exploring both the dreams and nightmares that that journey can entail.

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