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From the South - “Cool, Cool Memories” (2012) review

From the South - Cool, Cool Memories (Birds Love Fighting, 2012)

Straight from Australia and into your heart, From The South venture into the atmospheric realm of shimmering jangling pop with harmonic instrumentation and deeply lush vocals designed to spirit you into the night, where tender earthbound songs resound, recounting an honesty so seldom heard in today’s music.

There’s nothing I’d like more than to go on and on about this album, though the truth of the matter is, when something this pleasant is delivered, there’s little to say, other than that Cool, Cool Memories will hauntingly deliver time and time again, setting your soul on fire with emotional aspirations many of us have kept buried for far too long, and far too deeply inside, as if this part of ourselves require, or are perhaps deserving of protection … nevertheless, From The South have discovered the key and found a way of tapping into those half forgotten hazed out memories of days past and loves lost, though truth be told, none of those are ever truly forgotten.

*** And it all comes to you on lovely soothing green coloured vinyl.

- Jenell Kesler
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