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Cruel Experience - “LOUD” premiere

Debut album by Cruel Experience is a composite work: seven tracks that draw a path through a richly faceted musical universe, but which also reflect the attitude and history of a band that wants to make music by choosing to stand on its own feet. And indeed, L.O.U.D. is an album that’s made by the music for the music: entirely self-financed thanks to gigs and recorded DIY, it’s the manifesto of a desire for full expression, without filters or compromises.

“The song is about our territory and the meaning of madness. For our music scene there aren’t any places where you can play live music in Lucca. The crazy thing is that there are a lot of venues but they don’t have understanding for music and bands. For this reason we sing: I drunk my dream, I drunk my dream, there was nothing to do.

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